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High Precision CNC EDM Wire Cut Machine C Structure

KD series high precision CNC wire cut EDM is featured with “C” structure, “T” shape machine bed, 4 axis/6 axis AC servo motor control, and 5 axis PLC control system on latest Windows platform. With technology of multiple cuts to get good performance of surface finish and precision.

High Precision CNC EDM Wire Cut Machine C Structure Mechanical Features

  • 5+1 control, X, Y, U, V, Z and wire drum with AC servo motor control.

  • Optional X and Y axis with linear motor and linear scale to realize closed-loop control.

  • The innovative short span of wire path, fixed wire drum, no longitudinal movement, just rotating.

  • Servo motor-controlled wire tension system, a command from PLC.

  • Fixed working table, column moves, excellent dynamic accuracy and stability, heavy load capacity.

  • Modernized fully closed sheet metal design.

  • The machine bed is designed with a box structure and reinforced rib support, which has good rigidity and better mechanical structure stability.

  • The whole machine tool adopts resin sand precision casting HT250. The whole machine casting has been heat-treated to eliminate internal stress. Each casting is thoroughly inspected to avoid defects to ensure the best rigidity and accuracy durability. The service life of the wire cut EDM machine application is extended to more than 10 years.

  • Wire-feeding system: the molybdenum wire is fed with a linear guideway, and the wire drum adopts the unique servo closed-loop speed regulation technology in the industry. According to the operation of loading the wire to the machine and workpieces of different thicknesses, the wire speed can be independently and flexibly selected.

  • Automatic CNC multi-segment wire tension tightening mechanism and Kingred’s unique ingenious threading guide device can effectively eliminate surface stripes and improve surface roughness.

  • U.V.Z axis servo control, memorable data, closed-loop control for pitch compensation, more accurate taper cutting and more stable cutting accuracy.

  • Advanced modularized design: wire EDM machine electrics, high-frequency power supply, NC system are scientifically integrated. The whole machine has a compact structure, reasonable layout, strong anti-interference, good reliability, environmental protection, energy-saving, conforms to ergonomic specifications, and emphasizes human-friendly standards.

  • Optimized high-frequency control system: It can effectively realize high-efficiency and large-thickness cutting, and can efficiently cut various mold steels, aluminum materials, copper materials, aluminum alloys, titanium alloys, hard alloys, conductive ceramics, and super-conductive materials.

  • Low-power Intel dual-core 1.8G CPU; board-mounted memory 2G; hard drive: SSD 32G; industrial power supply 300W.

High Precision CNC EDM Wire Cut Machine C Structure Control System Advantages

  • KCUT adopts graph drive technology, generate cutting track automatically with simple setting, reduce the time of programming, increase manufacturing efficiency, reduce the possibility of mistakes by the operator, and save producing cost.

  • Operation is easy and easy to learn.

  • multiple axes simultaneous control to simplify programming of complicated taper cutting task.

  • Fully support complete servo control, to satisfy the trend of the market of high accuracy cutting.

  • Internet communication available, swift, and stable. 4G module is available to connect internet, sim card is required.

  • Real-time monitoring, ERP system.

  • PLC control, no more PCBs are used, simplified wiring system, less malfunction. And PLC is very powerful and has good scalability.

  • Real-time IO monitoring EDM wire cutting machine for sale.

  • Standard network cable connection, fast, stable, and efficient.

Main Functions of KCUT-Kingred CNC Wire Cut EDM Control System

  • It supports graph-based automatic programming, the operator does not need to know programming codes, in practical operation, the operator needs to load DXF file created by other software then post the process in KCUT to create a cutting track according to instructions in the software. 

  • Multiple machining modes, flexible for different purposes, for example, single segment cutting, continuous cutting, forward cutting and backward cutting.  

  • XYUVZ can realize 5-axis simultaneous control, drive type could be stepping drive or servo drive, all 5 axes can be monitored in real-time in the main interface of cutting.  

  • KCUT shows present machining position, coordinate, finished percent of the task and left time to go in real-time. The operator can judge actual cutting status according to information in GUI, which could be zoomed according to the operator.   

  • Standard taper control system to realize cutting of equal-degrees taper, variable-degrees taper and abnormity (up-down different profile taper). Multiple axes simultaneous control makes complicated taper cutting much easier and efficient.  

  • Standard with multiple cuts capacity to get a better surface finish and cut accuracy.

  • With a capacity of corner clearing to improve performance of corner-cutting. 

  • Support compensation of screw pitch, capable of segmental compensation of pitch error of the machine. 

  • With automatic alarm function, when machining is done or malfunction appears (such as short circuit), a dialogue of alarm pops out and KCUT records information of alarm automatically.

  • Remote control for the motion of the machine, wire feed, pump, HF power, etc., which makes operation more efficient.  

  • Remote wire erosion machines for sale has tool setting function (wire straightness setting) to simplify straightness of wire to the workpiece, easy to switch parameters for tool setting.

  • Power off recovery function, repositioning start point, pause point, endpoint, moving track selection function. 

  • Cutting program setting includes jump holes setting, mirror, rotation, lead-in line setting and so on.

  • Short circuit detection & feed-back, short circuit alarm. When a short circuit happens, the wire would move back and feed-forward again to get a suitable gap between the wire and the workpiece.

  • The manual function includes move axis, centering, touch edge, etc. 

  • Setting includes factory default setting, user setting. The factory default setting is not allowed to change unless permission and guidance from the manufacturer. 

  • IO monitoring could keep monitoring data of input and output and to enable operator know control system better. 

  • The Debugging system records information about alarms. 

  • File management could do a set of graphs in the system, it also can read files from the hard driver or USB memory, the file should be DXF. 

  • length measure function to check the distance between two points, to make sure the graph is correct. 

  • Simulation function simulates the actual procedure of cutting, to check if programming is correct.  

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