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What Do You Know About the Excellent Performance of CNC Sparking Machine?

With the continuous upgrading and innovation of the industry, the CNC sparking machine now occupies a very important leading position in the mold industry. What are the advantages of CNC sparking machine and the details that need to be paid attention to in use? We will analyze them in several aspects:

1. Excellent performance of CNC sparking machine

1) The mold processing range that CNC sparking machine is suitable for

The discharge of the CNC sparking machine is stable. Especially in the processing of hard alloys such as screw thin slices, blind holes in gears, worm bones, deep cavities, and connectors, it has achieved international advantages!

2) Advantages of CNC sparking machine

The high-precision, high-efficiency, and low-loss CNC sparking machine made in China which boasts the arbitrarily axial cutter lifting and servo electric discharge machining is cost-effective compared to other international machine tools, and it has a great price advantage. A CNC sparking machine at least costs 400,000 or even more than one million, but the CNC sparking machine made in China does not cost so much money.

2. The use requirements of CNC sparking machine

The requirements of CNC EDM die sinking machine for mold processing steel: Steel with better polishing process requires high purity of steel and less impurities.

The requirements of CNC sparking machine for the copper material: The copper material should have the characteristics of good density and high purity.

3. Wide application range of CNC sparking machine

① Plastic mold 

② Medical industry 

③ Electronic plug-in

④ Glasses industry 

⑤ Digital home appliances 

⑥ Cosmetics industry

⑦ Electronic plug-in 

⑧ Aviation industry 

⑨ Automobile industry

4. How to distinguish the quality of CNC sparking machine

First of all, as for the selection criteria of several major components, such as: whether the machine base, servo, screw rod, guide rail, wether to use high-standard materials is directly related to the length of the service life of the CNC sparking machine. Improving the use performance of the parts of the CNC sparking machine is extremely important to the reduction in the mold manufacturing cycle.

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