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What to Do when Wire EDM Material Deformation Occurs?

1. Raw material problems of wire EDM

As the product itself will have stress, cutting will definitely break the original stress balance and reach a new balance after deformation. And as the stress varies, the deformation will be different, which is like splitting a bamboo in the middle, both halves are bent, but there is a large part that are less bending while there is a small part that are more bending. Wire cut electric discharge machining is the same thing, but the deformation is small and it is within the final accuracy range, and the processing is successfully completed.

The stress is intrinsic in the metal material and will follow the increase in the strength and hardness of the product, which is a kind of elastic force that temporarily achieves a balance. Therefore, the harder the material is when it is quenching, the greater the deformation after cutting. The material of the EDM wire cutting machine for sale requires repeated forging and uniform structure before quenching. And the large amount of machining allowance and large pieces of waste are removed before quenching, that is, the part of its own stress that temporarily maintains the material balance has been basically removed during quenching. What is cut off after quenching is the small part where the stress balance is achieved. In this way, the deformation caused by the wire cutting machine will be much smaller.

What should we do if there is no cutting before quenching and no excess material is removed? Then we have to eliminate the stress and remove the margin by ourselves in the process of wire cut electric discharge machining. First it is the rough cut. Calculate the remaining amount, set the chuck, and roughly cut most of the remaining amount first. Then we should get a workpiece with a shape that is very close to the final pattern and a new workpiece that will no longer be largely deformed. And attach it with high and low temperature aging treatment, the problem of material deformation can be completely resolved.

2. The shape of the wire EDM

Because of the special slender shape of the product will also produce deformation, such as the punch of the seconds hand die of the clock, the die and the punch of the spring clamp die, they will leave a small narrow strip on a large piece of blank material and make the workpiece completely deformed, not to mention a few at most a dozen allowed to fit the gap. For products that are easily deformed due to their shape, we should pre-process the blanks, which means that we should process them into semi-finished products with a very small margin before quenching. After that, the products are fully deformed during the quenching process and choose the cutting route and find the position of the chuck when we are using the wire cutting machine such as our DK7732 wire cutting machine. Then we can be sure of getting qualified parts.

3. The cutting entrance problem of the wire EDM

The wire cutting machine will also have a prominent phenomenon in the deformation of the material, that is, the cutting entrance cannot be closed. A large part of this is because the pressure plate is not pressed at the right position, and the entrance and exit are not crushed. During the cutting process, the entrance has seen a certain amount of displacement with the deformation. Although the coordinates returned to the starting position, the entrance had already displaced, causing the steps at the entrance to be in a wrong place. It took a long time to get a defective product. This requires a full understanding of material deformation, corresponding measures in the early stage, and corresponding methods for cutting.

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