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Composition of EDM Die Sinker Machine

The EDM die sinker machine is composed of engine bed and column, worktable, spindle head, working fluid and working fluid circulating filter system, pulse power supply, servo feed mechanism, spindle head and worktable accessories. The detailed information entailed in EDM composition is listed below.

(1) Engine bed and column. The engine bed and column are the basic structure, which ensures the mutual position of the electrode, the worktable and the workpiece. The position accuracy has a direct impact on the processing. If the accuracy of the machine tool is not high, the processing accuracy is difficult to guarantee. Therefore, not only the structure of the bed and column provided by CNC EDM machine suppliers should be reasonable, have high rigidity, and be able to withstand the inertial force of the spindle load and the sudden acceleration of the moving parts, but also reduce the deformation caused by temperature changes.

(2) Workbench. The worktable is mainly used to support and clamp the workpiece. In actual processing, the relative position of the electrode and the workpiece is changed by rotating the vertical and horizontal screw rods. The workbench is equipped with a working fluid tank to contain the working fluid, so that the electrode and the workpiece are immersed in the working fluid, which plays a role of cooling and chip removal. The workbench is a part that the operator often moves when clamping and aligning. By moving the upper and lower slides, the vertical and horizontal positions are changed to achieve the required relative position between the electrode and the tool.

(3) Spindle head. The spindle head is a key component of the EDM die sinker machine tool, which is composed of three parts: the servo feed mechanism, the guiding and anti-torsion mechanism, and the auxiliary mechanism. It is used to control the discharge gap between the workpiece and the tool electrode.

(4) Working fluid and circulating filter system of EDM die sinker machine tool. The working fluid circulation system is an indispensable part of the EDM die sinker machine tool. It can form an electric spark breakdown discharge channel, and quickly restore the insulation state of the gap after the discharge is completed, which can compress the discharge channel; concentrate the discharge energy and strengthen processing process: during the machining process, it cools and dissipates the surface of the electrode and the workpiece to ensure the heat balance of the discharge gap; wash away the waste generated during the discharge machining in time to maintain a clean and constant gap between the tool electrode and the workpiece.

(5) Pulse power supply for EDM die sinker machine tools. The function of the pulse power supply is to convert the power frequency alternating current into the energy needed to supply the spark discharge gap to erode metal. Pulsed power supply has a great influence on technical and economic indicators such as EDM productivity, surface quality, processing speed, processing stability and tool electrode wear.

(6) Servo feed system of EDM machine tool.

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