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Seven Unique Advantages of the EDM Die Sinker Machine

1. The EDM die sinker machine has a positive role in the utility of the mold

Several unique characteristics of the EDM die sinker machine cannot be achieved by other equipment. Therefore, the existence of the EDM die sinker machine better supplements the gaps in other equipment. The EDM die sinker machine plays an active and important role in the utility of the mold.

2. Advantages of the EDM die sinker machine

1) The EDM die sinker machine for sinker EDM aluminum is hardly affected by heat during processing, so it can reduce the heat-affected layer and improve the quality of the workpiece after processing.

2) The tool electrode material processed by the EDM die sinker machine does not need to be harder than the workpiece material, so the tool electrode is easy to manufacture.

3) People who are in contact with the EDM die sinker machine or in the processing industry every day know that the machining achieved by the spark erosion machine for sale is non-contact processing, that is, the tool electrode and the workpiece are not in contact during processing; Compared with other processing methods, it will not cause hard damage to the workpiece.

4) Any hard, brittle, tough, soft, high melting point metal material can be processed. It can process workpieces with higher hardness; Generally processing means using hard tools to process softer objects, while electrical machining uses soft electrodes to process relatively hard workpieces.

5) During processing, not all excess materials are processed into scraps, which improves the utilization rate of energy and materials.

6) The EDM die sinker machine by DMNC-EDM, a professional company specializing in CNC EDM machine, can achieve vertical corners of the workpiece, which is not possible for up milling, because up milling must have an R angle.

7) There is no cutting force in the machining of EDM die sinker machine. This advantage is very important for machining, so the processed material is not deformed and its machining accuracy can be well guaranteed.

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