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Working Principles and Common Knowledge of EDM Drilling Machine

The electric spark perforating machine, also known as the EDM drilling machine, electric spark small hole machine, and electric spark fine hole discharge machine, is widely used in precision mold processing. It is generally used as a supporting equipment for electric spark wire cutting machine tools, and is used for punching wire holes, spray head holes of chemical fiber spinning, spray holes of spray plates, group holes of filter plates and screen plates, cooling holes of engine blades and cylinder bodies, oil passages of hydraulic and pneumatic valve bodies, and gas passages.

Working principle of EDM drilling machine

The working principle of the EDM drilling machine is to use a thin metal copper tube that continuously moves up and down vertically as an electrode to pulse discharge and corrode and shape stainless steel, quenched steel, hard alloy, copper, aluminum and other metal workpieces. The fine hole punching machine can be used for various deep and small holes that are difficult to process by traditional processing methods, such as cooling and cooling holes in engines, group holes in filter plates, oil passages of hydraulic and pneumatic components, fuel injectors, spray holes in chemical and weaving spinning plates, and wire cutting piercing holes.

The EDM drilling machine can be roughly divided into two types according to the different application media. One is the liquid EDM drilling machine. Because the copper rod small holes need to be passed through during liquid processing, the small holes may be blocked, so the smallest hole that can be machined is 0.15mm, and the depth can only be processed 20mm. The other is gas EDM drilling machine, which uses gas as the medium that passes through the copper rod small hole, so it is not easy to be blocked and can process more precise small holes.

The punching machine is composed of four parts that work together to complete the punching process. First, move the material to the scanning area of the automatic punching machine camera. After the camera scans the image, it will be processed and give signals to the control part. After receiving the signal, the control part will further process and control the action of the transmission part, so that the punch can move on the X-axis and Y-axis in the plane, and after completing the positioning action, the pneumatic part starts to work, and the solenoid valve controls the air cylinder for punching. The automatic punching machine prints the positioning holes in one go, which is fast, accurate and efficient.

Control measures of EDM drilling machine 

Before work

  • Wear protective equipment correctly according to regulations, wear protective glasses, and fasten the work clothes tightly.

  • Check the mechanical parts, pulse power supply, control knobs, display instruments, exhaust fan and other parts, and confirm that they are safe and reliable before work.

  • Inject lubricating oil or grease to the lubrication parts at the specified time according to the regulations to ensure that the mechanism runs flexibly. Especially for the reverser and bearings, check and replace them regularly (tentatively every six months).

  • The use of open flames or smoking is prohibited in the operation room, and sufficient fire extinguishing equipment must be equipped at the work site, and ensure that they are in good condition.

  • Regularly check whether the filter in the working liquid tank is blocked with debris or sediment, and check whether the working fluid pump is in good condition and there is no abnormal sound.

  • Check whether the EDM drilling machine equipment is intact.

During work

  • The operator should stand on an insulated rubber or wooden pedal.

  • Do not touch the electrode with hands.

  • When loading and unloading workpieces, positioning, correcting the electrode, and wiping the machine tool, the pulse power supply must be turned off.

  • The liquid level of the working fluid should be kept 50-60mm higher than the surface of the workpiece to prevent it from catching fire due to low liquid level.

  • Harmful gases produced should be eliminated in a timely manner.

  • One person is strictly prohibited from operating more than two machine tools at the same time. During operation, it is not allowed to leave the work position. If you need to leave, you must stop the machine.

After work

The EDM drilling machine must cut off the power, clean up the chips, oil stains and site hygiene on the machine tool, and tidy up the work site. Fill in the equipment running record and handover record.

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