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DMNC Shares How to Get Low-energy Consuming Mirror EDM Machine

It is very common to use a mirror EDM machine to make molds. The mirror EDM machine emphasizes the process effect. Some friends asked the mirror spark to achieve the mirror effect. How about the loss? This is exactly what I want to share with you today:


The mirror EDM machine will have a loss of about 0.1% during normal operation. This is a normal phenomenon because the mirror EDM machine also discharges through the electrode. When the discharge loss of the mirror EDM machine exceeds too much, it is in an abnormal state. What is the reason for the abnormal electrode wear of the mirror EDM machine? What are the precautions? Today, we will elaborate on the following three aspects and as an experienced edm machine manufacturer, we feel happy to share this with you.


Ⅰ. Improper selection of emission conditions

Special oil flushing for mirror EDM machines is the main method to eliminate electric corrosion in EDM. When the oil of the mirror EDM machine is improperly selected, it will have a certain impact on the processing effect of the mirror EDM machine tools.

Periodic tool lift ratio can improve chip power, pulse stop time and chip condition.

Ⅱ. There is a short circuit in EDM

During mirror spark machining, there is a discharge gap between the workpiece and the electrode. If there is a secondary discharge, energy will be consumed in the remelting of corrosion products. This will reduce the machining speed of the mirror spark and burn the machined surface.

Ⅲ. Arc drawing in mirror EDM machining

When operating the mirror EDM machine, please select the electrical discharge machining conditions reasonably to prevent secondary discharge and arc discharge. When encountering some larger materials, try to increase the number of knife lifts as much as possible.


If these details are in place, the loss of the mirror EDM machine can be better controlled within 0.1%, and the discharge efficiency is high, the processing effect is good, and the discharge is stable.

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