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C structure for EDM, A30, A45 Service and EDM

1. What is the die sink EDM machine?

The die sink EDM machine is a kind of electrical processing equipment. Several unique characteristics of the die sink EDM machine are not available in other equipment, so the existence of the die sink EDM machine can better complement the blank of other equipment. The die sink EDM machine plays an active and important role in the selection of molds.

2. Intelligent solutions of the die sink EDM machine

The EDM processing of the die sink EDM machine is carried out in a liquid medium. The automatic feed adjustment device of the machine tool maintains a proper discharge gap between the workpiece and the tool electrode. When a strong pulse voltage (reaching the breakdown voltage of the medium in the gap) is applied between the tool electrode and the workpiece, it will break down the lowest dielectric strength of the medium. The discharge area is very small and the discharge time is extremely short, so the energy is highly concentrated, which makes the temperature of the discharge area as high as 10, 000-12, 000℃ instantaneously. The metal on the workpiece surface and the tool electrode surface is partially melted or even vaporized. The partially melted and vaporized metal is thrown into the working fluid under the action of the explosive force, and is cooled into small metal particles, which are then quickly washed away from the working area by the working fluid, so that a tiny pit is formed on the surface of the workpiece. After one discharge, the dielectric strength of the medium recovers and waits for the next discharge. In this way, the surface of the workpiece is continuously eroded and the shape of the tool electrode is reproduced on the workpiece, so as to achieve the purpose of forming.

3. The use of the die sink EDM machine

The die sink EDM machine is mainly used for complex cavity and curved surface processing of various conductors such as various molds and precision parts manufacturing. It has the characteristics of high machining accuracy, high finish, and fast speed. The appearance design of the die sink EDM machine is beautiful and generous. The structure design is reasonable and compact, and the mechanical structure is sturdy. The machine tool has strong practical functions in terms of structural characteristics.

4. Processing of aluminum materials by the CNC EDM die sinke

The molds generally used for mass production and engineering plastics requiring wear resistance are mainly made of steel. Non-steel metal materials such as aluminum alloys are used for multi-variety, small-batch production, or trial-produced molds. The biggest advantage of aluminum alloy is light weight, good machinability, and EDM processing performance.

The EDM processing performance of aluminum alloy materials:

(1) In the finishing area, the processing speed of aluminum alloy is fast.

(2) The electrode loss is very small.

(3) The roughness value of the machined surface is low.

(4) The expansion amount (overcut) of rough machining is low.

Due to the fast processing speed, when using aluminum alloy as the mold material, the mold processing task can be completed in a relatively short time and the same processing conditions as copper steel (Cu-St) can be used. If the electrode wear rate is equal to that of steel-based materials, the pulse width time can be shortened by 25%, so the processing speed can be further increased.

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