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Precautions for Using the Wire EDM Machine

Whether the performance of medium wire cutting can play well is closely related to the ability of the operator. If the machine is not handled properly, it can cause many problems. Combined with years of experience, DMNC offers you the following recommendations:

1. It is strictly forbidden for the body to go over the safety protection device during the operation of the middle wire EDM machine.

2. The safety protection devices such as the wire transport assembly and the workbench cannot be opened during the wire transport and processing of the middle wire EDM machine. At the same time, warning signs are marked on the corresponding protection to remind you to pay attention to safety when using it.

3. It is strictly forbidden for the body to touch the electrode wire during the operation of the medium wire EDM machine to avoid accidents.

4. It is strictly forbidden to open the electrical appliance door during the operation of the machine and when the electrical cabinet is energized to avoid accidental electric shock.

5. The coolant can not be disconnected for a long time during the processing, not to affect the processing speed and processing accuracy of the wire EDM machine and damage the molybdenum wire at the same time.

6. The electrical appliances of the wire EDM machine are equipped with a mushroom emergency stop switch. In case of an emergency, you can press the emergency stop switch.

7. The wire EDM machine should be protected from lightning strikes, and lightning protection devices should be installed.

8. There is no interlocking relationship between the wire EDM machine protective cover and the machine start. Please pay attention to using the protective cover during processing.

9. The power supply must be cut off during the maintenance and warranty process.

10. Wear protective tools during installation and removal to prevent injuries to hands and feet.

11. The workpiece of the washing line cutting machine must be in the designated position, and protective tools such as goggles, masks, and non-slip shoes must be worn.

12. If an abnormality occurs, such as abnormal noise, smoke, vibration, odor, etc., the machine should be shut down immediately, and the relevant personnel should check and deal with it.

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