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How Much Do You Know About EDM Machine Accessories - Guide Rails?

As everyone knows, guide rails are an important component of spark machine tool beds, and details determine quality, which is a widely accepted view. Today, we will discuss in detail how to choose spark machine guide rails from details, as well as the main advantages of good spark machine guide rails?

EDM machine guide rails with high guidance precision

Guidance precision mainly refers to the straightness or roundness of the guide rails along the supported guide rails during motion. The main factors affecting the guiding precision of sliding guide rails of the EDM machine include the geometric accuracy of the guide rails, the contact accuracy of the guide rails, the structural form of the guide rails, the stiffness and thermal deformation of the spark machine tool guide rails and support guide rails, assembly quality, and the stiffness of the oil film between dynamic pressure guide rails and static pressure guide rails.

EDM machine guide rails with smooth low-speed movement

When the large EDM machine sliding guide rails move at low speed, the moving guide rails are prone to crawl, and the crawling of the feed motion will increase the surface roughness of the machined surface. Therefore, it is required that the guide rails move smoothly at low speeds and do not crawl, which is particularly important for high-precision spark machine tools.

EDM machine guide rails with good processability

When designing guide rails, attention should be paid to ease of manufacturing, adjustment, and maintenance, with emphasis on simple structure, good processability, and economic efficiency. The sliding guide rails used in large EDM machines are an important part of the feed system, one of the basic structural elements of the machine tool. The function of the guide rails is to guide and support, i.e. to support the moving parts and ensure that they move accurately along the specified direction under the action of external forces. The machining accuracy and life of the spark machine tool largely depend on the quality of the machine tool guide rails. When spark machines use high-demand guide rails, they should not vibrate when high-speed feed is applied, should not crawl when slow-speed feed is applied, should have high sensitivity, the ability to work temporarily continuously under heavy load, high wear resistance, and good accuracy consistency, among other features.

EDM machine guide rails with good wear resistance and long service life

The wear resistance of guide rails for large EDM machines determines the accuracy consistency of the guide rails. Uneven wear of moving guide rails along the supported guide rails during temporary operation will affect the guiding precision of spark machine guide rails and, hence, their machining accuracy.

Therefore, when purchasing spark machine equipment, it is recommended to start from the details, which comprehensively reflect the current quality of spark machines. Truly good spark machines have never been marketed at low prices. After numerous industry shakedowns, why do some spark machine manufacturers do better and better? It is precisely because of their persistent insistence on quality.

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