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Windows Platform CNC EDM Machine

ADI series CNC EDM sinker has the latest control system at the platform Windows 7, efficiency is about 20-30% higher than previous DOS based control system. Types of windows EDM machines made by DMNC are listed below.

Windows Platform CNC EDM Machine Highlights

  • Latest 6th generation Windows platform control system

  • Up-and-down working tank door, same space, easy to handle.

  • Intelligent automatic EDM machining.

  • New expert database equipped spark erosion machine for sale.

  • Excellent performance of both cooper and graphite electrode machining.

  • Multiple pages editing at the same time, no need to stop machining.

  • Min machining current 0.1A.

  • Best surface finish Ra≤0.2µm

  • Positioning accuracy ≤5μm

  • Imported SP grade linear guideway

  • C2 grade ball screw

  • 3 years aging treatment of casting of machine.

  • High jump function, after serval times of regular jump discharging, Z axis move higher, and then goes with regular jump height again, it is help for deep groove and massive area machining.

  • Machining speed is about 30% faster than DOS platform discharging control system.

  • Auxiliary learning function

  • Double heads with two separated controllers to conduct two separated machining at the same time.

Windows Platform CNC EDM Machine Function Configuration of Controller


Function explanation


LCD, touch screen input


Windows intelligent expert platform CNC sinker EDM control system, help for every page, quick and easy to learn and use


Multiple pages to be edit at the same time, automatic generate machining program with multiple cavities.


Can select any axis to start when do homing after power off.


Coordinate position automatic memory


React speed and machining efficiency is faster than old system.


Standard with simultaneous three axis control, Max six axis simultaneous control


Super finish PIKA machining circuits-mirror surface machining function, Min machining current 0.1A


Expert machining parameters database: with high explosive power circuit, especially good for processing hard ally material)

Automatic and manual machining according to different combination of different material of electrode and workpiece: copper/steel, graphite 1/steel, graphite 2/steel, silver-tungsten/steel, copper-tungsten/steel, silver-tungsten/hard alloy, copper/zinc alloy, graphite/zinc alloy, copper/copper alloy.


AUTO machining function:

Input material of electrode and workpiece, machining area, shrinkage of electrode, required surface finish and etc Then control system automatically calculate machining parameters from rough machining to finish machining according to expert database.


Automatic positioning function:

End face positioning, cylinder center positioning, corner positioning, inner hole positioning, random three points positioning, discharging position self-decided positioning and etc.


Online measuring function:

Utilize automatic positioning function to do online measuring and amending to machined workpiece.


Automatic arcing removing circuit:

Real-time monitoring on the discharging status, if any tiny short circuit or arcing happens, system would remove arcing and give alarm


Safety control function:

Overload protection, code grammar detecting, oil level control, oil temperature control, automatic fire extinguisher


Power-off recovery function:

System can remember present position of coordinate, when suddenly power-off happens, present position can be kept.

Function Pic Windows Platform CNC EDM Machine

Consumable Parts Windows Platform CNC EDM Machine

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