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How to Do the Daily Inspection of EDM Drilling Machine Well?

1. Lubrication work of EDM drilling machine

Before the initial installation and use of the machine tool, the anti-rust grease and dust of each part of the EDM drilling machine must be cleaned. Then oiling can be done as follows. Lubricate the screw, guide rail, etc. Before each shift, lubricate each lubrication point. During the working process, lubricate once every 3-4 hours. The lubricating oil adopts No. 10 mechanical oil.

2. Working fluid system of EDM drilling machine

At the beginning of use, observe and check whether there is leakage at the joints of each pipeline. If there is leakage, tighten the coupling nut or apply sealant. During use, the high-pressure pump should be well lubricated, and the oil volume should not be lower than the lower edge of the observation hole, but should not exceed half. The working fluid must be sufficient and uninterrupted. If the working fluid system enters the air, it will affect the normal processing. After a period of use, the filter is blocked and the filter element needs to be replaced. If the working hydraulic pressure of the electric spark drilling machine is normal, but no water is ejected from the inner hole of the electrode, the electrode may be blocked, and the electrode can be removed to remove the blockage or replace the electrode.

3. Replacement of filter element of EDM drilling machine

After the filter has been used for a period of time, since there are a lot of impurities attached to the surface of the shallow-gap filter element, it may cause the filtration to block. At the same time, after the filter element of the filter is used for a long time, the filter element may be damaged and block the pipeline. These situations occur The filter element should be cleaned or replaced in the following ways:

(1) Remove the high-pressure pipe joint connected to the machine bed, and pull out all the pipes from the working fluid tank.

(2) Open the upper cover of the filter of the electric spark drilling machine, take out the sealing ring and the filter element, replace with a new filter element, put the sealing ring, cover the cover, and tighten the bolts.

(3) Connect the high-pressure pipe and put the rest of the pipes into the working fluid bucket.

4. The working environment and maintenance of EDM drilling machine

(1) The environment around the machine tool should be kept clean, ventilated and dry to avoid equipment that causes large vibrations to work in the same workshop.

(2) Before starting each shift, check whether the power supply is in good condition. After powering on, check whether all moving parts are normal, especially the spindle head, working fluid pump, cooling fan, secondary stroke, etc. No abnormality is found. to be processed.

(3) Before leaving work, clean the EDM drilling machine, wipe the work surface and bed, put away tools, measuring tools and other items, and do not leave them on the machine tool. Be sure to turn off the main power supply of the machine tool and the incoming line power supply of the machine tool to prevent accidental safety accidents.

(4) The electrical components in the machine bed should be dusted regularly to prevent water mist or water droplets from entering the electrical unit. Regularly check the incoming cable of the machine tool, and replace it immediately if it is aging or broken.

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