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Check Carefully Before Starting the Wire EDM

With the continuous improvement of the control system of CNC wire cut EDM machine, the probability of failure of the control part is getting smaller and smaller, and most of the failures are not caused by the single-board computer or other core parts of the control and trigger circuits, but caused by damage to external circuits or devices. Therefore, maintenance personnel should start from the outside and gradually investigate inward. Do not arbitrarily disassemble the trigger circuit board, change the system parameter settings, arbitrarily adjust the operating mode, etc., which may lead to new failures. The routine inspection method refers to the routine inspection performed by the maintenance personnel before the equipment is started. Specifically, it includes the following aspects.

1. Power supply inspection of CNC wire cut EDM machine

Check the incoming power supply of the WEDM, whether the voltage fluctuation is within ±10%, whether the high-order harmonics are serious, the size of the power factor, whether it is necessary to install a regulated power supply, etc.

2. The fluid inspection of CNC wire cut EDM machine

The functions of the wire cutting fluid are cooling, washing, chip removal, etc. Therefore, whether the wire cutting fluid is qualified or not is directly related to the quality of the workpiece after processing. Check whether the wire cutting fluid is too dark and has peculiar smell. If so, its comprehensive performance will be deteriorated, which will easily lead to wire breakage.

3. CNC wire cut EDM machine and electrode wire inspection

The quality, installation, storage and other factors of the electrode wire are directly related to the quality of the workpiece after processing. Check whether the electrode wire of the CNC wire cut EDM machine is properly selected. When processing thick workpieces, a thicker electrode wire should be used, which is conducive to chip removal and can also increase its tension; check the tightness of the electrode wire installation. When it is too loose, the electrode wire Vibration is severe, the wire is easy to break, too tight, the internal stress increases, and the wire is easy to break; check whether the installation position of the electrode wire deviates from the center and whether it is not in the same plane, if so, the electrode wire is easy to be broken or pinch off; Check whether the electrode wire is stored properly. If it is damp, oxidized, or exposed to the sun during storage, the electrode wire will become brittle and easy to break.

4. Inspection of control cabinet of CNC wire cut EDM machine

Due to static electricity and other reasons, it is easy to get dusty in the control cabinet. When these dusts are damp, they will corrode the circuit board, cause short circuit or open circuit, and then damage electronic components, etc., and even the entire circuit board is scrapped. Therefore, it must be checked before maintenance.

For example, a CNC wire cutting EDM machine breaks the wire irregularly at regular intervals. Sometimes it can run continuously for a day, and sometimes it breaks several times a day. Inspection found that the wire cutting fluid was black, but there was no peculiar smell. After careful observation, it was found that there were too many impurities in the wire cutting fluid, resulting in poor insulation, which eventually led to irregular wire breakage. After replacing the new fluid, the fault was eliminated.

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