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Our History

  • 1978

    EDM Machine department of Beijing Institute of Electro-machining was founded and started to do research and development of spark erosion machining technology.

  • 1980

    Successfully developed the small hole EDM machine.

  • 1986

    Successfully developed ZNC die-sinking EDM machine with three-axis linear scale display.

  • 1994

    Signed the contract with Japanese Sodick and establish technical cooperation between both parties, and brought in A35 type three-axis control CNC sinker EDM machine and produced in Beijing.

  • 1995

    B35 high accuracy CNC die-sinking EDM was developed successfully by China-Japan (Sodick)

  • 1996

    30 sets B35 3-axis CNC EDM machine was exported to overseas market.

  • 1998

    B35 type CNC die sink EDM was awarded as“National Key New Product”.

  • 2000

    Successfully developed B50 3-axis control CNC EDM sinker and started to sell in the domestic market

  • 2001

    Successfully developed the DM2000 CNC control system for CNC EDM machines and assembled control cabinet in Beijing, passed ISO9001(94) in the same year.

  • 2002

    Successfully developed new type A1 power, realized 4-axis simultaneous control, which was a breakthrough in the Chinese local market. Obtained certification "2002 Beijing New High Technology Transformation Project", production line of A1 power control system and software was built up in Beijing.

  • 2003

    Successfully developed the 2nd Generation CNC EDM machine control system and equipped with the latest developed HF power board, and a new product was launched into the market. Renewed ISO9001(2000). High speed, high-efficiency machining system (spindle lifting speed≥6m/min) had been merchandized.

  • 2005

    In order to provide better and swift training, technical support, and service, based on the B type CNC EDM machine, the book <Electrical Discharging Machining Technology> was published by "Chemical Industry Press", which is still a widely used educational textbook of today.

  • 2006

    Successfully developed and launched 3th generation high integrated CNC control system and A2 controller.

  • 2007

    Successfully developed and launched a 4th generation high integrated CNC control system and A3 power generator.

  • 2008

    B35 high accuracy CNC die sink EDM was honored as "CCMT2008 National-made Spring Swallow Award". At the same year, after fully evaluated, the company was funded USD2million by the Beijing government, then purchased numbers of advanced inspection equipment and devices, and built up an open laboratory for R&D of EDM machines and EDM machining technology.

  • 2009

    Undertook National Major Project of high-rank CNC machine tools and fundamental manufacturing equipment 2009, and participated key project of national 863 projects. In the same year, renewed ISO9001. Became executive member of 6th CMTBA (China Machine Tool Industry Association, total 69 companies nationwide).

  • 2010

    N850 5-axis simultaneous control high accuracy CNC die-sinking EDM machine had got the award of "CCMT2010 National-made Spring Swallow Award". Undertook the National 04 major scientific project. In the same year, the book <special machining manual> was published by "China Machine Press". <Forging mold and lubrication> was published by "National Defence Industry Press". Successfully hosted the conference of 2010 National Electrical Discharging Machining Technology (EDM technology).

  • 2011

    Undertook the National Major Project of CNC EDM machine for spray hole processing for the aerospace projects. In the same year, hosted key achievement appraising meetings of the national 863 projects. The experts participated in the meeting, all agreed that the project had broken through the core technology of impulse power of high accuracy CNC EDM machine, 5-axis simultaneous control CNC technology, electrode swift change technology, accuracy compensation, and reliability. And leading in the domestic market

  • 2013

    Utilized 5-axis simultaneous control high accuracy CNC die-sinking EDM and EDM machining technology of special material and complex profile, we successfully produced dozens types of closed impeller for large state-owned cooperation, such as Shengu

  • 2014

    "Beijing Key Laboratory of EDM Technology" had passed certification. Undertook National Major Project 2014ZX0511-111 and t 2014ZX04001-171.

  • 2015

    Undertook National Key Project No. 2015ZX04002201-003 with the subject "The Verification of General Application of National-made High-Rank CNC Machine Tools and Technology in the field of manufacturing of airplanes, aerospace, missile, and engine of the national defense industry. Obtained The third Prize in the Beijing Scientific Progress Award.

  • 2016

    Obtained certification of “Quantified Products” from CMTBA (China Machine Tool Industry Association). Model N850, A50, A30, and B45 had passed the national quality certification, it made us the only company to get this honor in the die-sinking EDM industry.

  • 2017

    Windows-based CNC control system started to service the army industry, and the 6th generation power generator launched.

  • 2018

    An intelligent manufacturing system passed relative certification, the introduction of new automatic production solution of CNC EDM machining.

  • 2019

    The latest ADV and ADI series high performance and high accuracy machines were introduced to the market. Participated in EMO2019 in Germany(one of four biggest machine tools exhibitions in the world) and started to explore the European market. Establish an automatic production line of EDM machining in Shanghai International Marketing and training center.

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