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Why Does CNC Sparking Machine Become the Mainstream of Present Mold Industry

The price of CNC sparking machine is higher than that of traditional electrical discharge machine, so why is it still becoming the mainstream of today's mold industry?

1. Advantages of CNC sparking machine

The CNC sparking machine is controlled by a computer program. The machining of complex high-precision molds, cavity drum positions, special shapes, narrow slits and special shape parts can be completed well. EDM machine application is slowly replacing traditional electrical discharge machine.

2. Why has the CNC sparking machine become the mainstream of present mold industry

① Two types of side repair programs are planned for the CNC sparking machine. For rectangles with clear edges and corners, use a flat-bottomed side repair program, and for round or multi-curved ellipses, use a flat-bottomed round side repair program. During the side repair process of the CNC sparking machine, the electrode moves and feeds to the workpiece as a single point of sight. At this moment, the east and west electrodes move from the center to the outside, from top to bottom, and are actively controlled by CNC, that is, the three-axis linkage. This kind of motion method of CNC sparking machine has advantages of being unlikely to deposit carbon, simple chip removal and exhaust, no formed arc, and high production rate. X-axis lateral processing of split cavity by CNC sparking machine has high mold clamping accuracy, and its production rate comparable to Z-axis downward processing has improved a lot.

② The CNC sparking machine has also made special improvements in the electronic control part. When an arc or false short circuit is found, the pulse power supply is immediately blocked, and the energy supply to the cavity is stopped. The electrode temperature will not continue to rise, and thus it will decrease the possibility of a fire.

③ The CNC sparking machine selects a good low-voltage pulse method after high-voltage breakdown, and the pulse width is flat. Practice has proved that this pulse method further reduces the electrode loss.

In terms of practical performance, CNC sparking machine gives users better experience and has higher efficiency than traditional electrical discharge machine does. The CNC sparking machine is more intelligent and can save labor. It is these characteristics of the CNC sparking machine that enable the product to be favored by more users!

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