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Characteristics of Die Sinking EDM Machine

Die sinking EDM machine is one of the important processing methods in the mold manufacturing industry. Punching die refers to the most commonly used blanking die in cold work die, including blanking die, punching die, cutting die, trimming die, cutting die, trimming die, compound die, compound die, progressive die.

Die sinking EDM machine mainly uses EDM technology to process the die or punch in the die. Its processing characteristics are as follows.

1. Using the "steel electrode to process the steel cavity" process to process the concave mold, you can directly use the convex mold (that is, the punch is appropriately lengthened) as the tool electrode, and the concave simulation shape accuracy processed by the positive use (that is, the processing starts from the bottom surface of the concave mold) is high, with uniform clearance and reasonable slope.

2. It is conducive to the improvement of the mold structure, no matter how complicated the geometric shape is, it can be made into an integral form, which is convenient for the design and manufacture of the mold.

3. It can meet the reasonable requirements of various fitting clearances and processing slopes. As long as the processing technology is well mastered, it can be reliably guaranteed.

4. Since the concave and convex molds of CNC sparking machine can be subjected to electrical discharge machining after heat treatment and quenching, the problems of mold deformation and cracking are solved.

5. Not only alloy steel and tool steel can be processed, but also cemented carbide molds can be processed, which expands the selection and application range of mold materials.

6. After the tool electrode (that is, the punch of the punch) processes the concave mold, other parts of the mold, such as the discharge plate, can also be processed, which reduces labor intensity, shortens mold manufacturing cycle, and extends the mold life.

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