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How to Control the Quality of EDM Machine?

EDM die sinker machine is also called spark machine. Its quality control is a problem that every manufacturer needs to face directly. The quality control is directly related to the reputation of an enterprise, which is the competitiveness of every manufacturer.

1. Do not change the manufacturing process of the EDM spark machine casually

If the EDM spark machine has quality problems, it is necessary to find out the root cause, key factors or key manifestations of the problem; before the problem is clarified, casually changing the process actually conceals the real cause and problem.

2. EDM process control should have a strong concept of quantification and traceability

The quality of the EDM machine depends on many factors, so don't ignore any details; use data to control and record any details as much as possible; if the process details are not controlled and traced, it will mislead the formulation of corrective and preventive measures.

3. You should be patient when dealing with EDM problems

Don't be impatient, find out the abnormal situation, and don't forget it because it has nothing to do with the problem you are dealing with; don't take action when you can't find the cause and rules, you can control the influencing factors of the research; Review and review some experience and rules; as long as you find out some experience and rules, go deeper and raise it to a theory, even if it costs more, it is worth it.

4. It is necessary to create a preventive thinking for EDM

The high level of quality management of EDM machines is prevention, not how to make up for problems; there should be warning signs before any quality problems occur, depending on whether you have ways, means and experience to control and identify them; the same quality problem When it repeats for the second time, it should be highly valued; the daily process and effect data should be integrated with tools, and rules and changing trends should be found from the integrated effects. These rules and displayed trends require continuous modification; The control factors before the spark machine should be as consistent as possible.

5. The quality control of EDM machine should have management thinking

The quality of the EDM machine is manufactured, and the quality will never be stable if the direct manufacturer is not managed; therefore, it is necessary to observe, pay attention to and study the performance and situation of the direct manufacturer of the spark machine, and manage and mobilize these performances and situations; If the direct manufacturer of the spark machine reflects that the situation is not under control, as long as there is a quality problem, you will never study the cause of the error; don't think that the regular process control requirements in our current process are suitable, and the quality of the EDM die sinker machine will be fine; Therefore, our process control requirements must be continuously improved, and at the same time, we must also manage people well.

6. It is necessary to listen to the opinions and suggestions of the EDM machine

Don't think that others don't understand the reality and can't solve the problem at once, so the opinion is worthless; the direct manufacturer of the EDM machine can give us a lot of hints and warnings; if you can solve this problem, no one can listen to anyone's opinions and suggestions; But when it can't be dealt with, everyone's opinions and suggestions should be listened to, and everyone should try and experiment, whether you agree or disagree; the thinking of spark machine quality management often touches the frontier of science, even if it is a casual sentence or a complaint, etc., may all guide or imply a major technological innovation direction, so professional technicians should pay attention to details and be good at capturing details.

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