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Advantages of CNC EDM Spark Erosion Machine

1: The CNC EDM spark erosion machine has designed two side repair programs, the rectangular with sharp edges and corners adopts the flat-bottomed square side repair plan, and the round or multi-curved ellipse adopts the flat-bottomed round side repair plan. During the side repair process, the electrode moves and feeds towards the workpiece at an angle. At this time, the tool electrode moves from the center to the outside, from top to bottom, and is automatically controlled by CNC, that is, the three-axis linkage. This kind of movement accomplished by CNC EDM spark erosion machine is not easy to accumulate carbon, easy to remove chips and exhaust, will not cause arcing, and has high production efficiency.

2: CNC EDM spark erosion machine X-axis lateral processing of opposite molds, high mold clamping accuracy, and productivity can be much higher than that of Z-axis downward processing.

3: CNC EDM spark erosion machine adds special control to the control circuit. When arcing or false short circuit occurs, the pulse power is immediately cut off, and the energy supply to the cavity is stopped. The electrode temperature will not continue to rise, reducing the occurrence of fire.

4: CNC EDM spark erosion machine adopts a complete low-voltage pulse method after high-voltage breakdown. The pulse width is equal. Practice of EDM machine application has proved that this pulse method further reduces the loss of the tool electrode, the processing surface is rough and uniform, and the end surface loss of the tool electrode is small .

5: The CNC EDM spark erosion machine by DMNC-EDM, a reliable EDM machine supplier, can use one electrode for rough and fine machining, which saves the manufacturing time and cost of the double electrode, saves the trouble caused by the correction of the fine machining electrode, and shortens the mold manufacturing time.

6: Self-appropriate function, the so-called self-appropriate knife lift, is that the erosion in the cavity is larger than the discharge when the discharge is stable and the knife is not lifted. When the erosion in the cavity is larger than the discharge, the balance is broken. At this time, the blade of CNC EDM spark erosion machine is raised automatically, and the excess eroded material is discharged by the suction of the working fluid, and the blade is stopped when the balance is received or the discharge is greater than that, which improves the efficiency.

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