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Notices of Wire EDM Machine Maintenance

You will inevitably encounter some failures when processing wire EDM machine. When the machine fails, you must calm down first and then follow the main points to maintain the wire-cutting machine tools below. Perform detection and troubleshooting.

Ⅰ. The wire EDM machine repairs first externally and then internally

Nowadays, the reliability of the CNC system is gradually becoming stronger, and the failure rate of the CNC system itself is also slowly decreasing. Most of the failures of the machine tool are caused by reasons other than the system itself. Because the CNC EDM wire machine integrates mechanical, hydraulic and electrical, the occurrence of machine tool failures will also be reflected by the integration of these three parts. The wire EDM machine maintenance personnel should first check from the outside to the inside one by one. It is best to avoid unpacking and to disassemble at will. Otherwise, it will amplify the failure of the machine tool and cause the wire-cutting machine to lose its accuracy and reduce its performance. The faults outside the system are mainly caused by problems with detection switches, hydraulic components, pneumatic components, electrical actuators, and mechanical devices.

Ⅱ. The maintenance of the EDM wire machine is first mechanical and then electrical

Generally speaking, mechanical faults can be found quickly, but the diagnosis of CNC systems and electrical faults is relatively more complex. Before the maintenance personnel check the mark, firstly, pay attention to eliminate the mechanical fault.

Ⅲ. The wire cutting machine maintenance is first static and then dynamic

First, when the online cutting machine is in a static state when the machine is powered off, understanding, observation, testing, and analysis confirm that the power-on will not cause the expansion of the fault and the accident WEDM can be energized. When the machine tool is running, conduct dynamic observation, inspection and testing to find out the cause of the failure. If a catastrophic failure occurs after power-on, the danger must be eliminated before power-on.

Ⅳ.The maintenance of the wire cutting machine is simple and then complex

When multiple faults of the wire EDM machine are intertwined, you will not know where to start the inspection for a while. In this case, you must solve the easy problems first and then solve the more complex issues. Usually, after the simple problem is solved, the more complex situation may become more accessible.
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