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How to Realize Multi-axis Simultaneous Oblique Machining by CNC Electric Discharge Machine

With the development of the mold industry, the application of large-scale CNC machines in the mold industry has become more and more common, and the processing of various complex molds can be adapted to CNC machines. However, many functions on the CNC machine have not been fully utilized, most of which are due to insufficient operating skills and experience of the operators. The following is an introduction to how the CNC electric discharge machine machine performs multi-axis simultaneous oblique machining.

1. Oblique processing of corner clearing by CNC electric discharge machine

When applying oblique machining, first we need to carefully analyze the machining parts. For example, the machining parts of electric discharge machine have undercuts and reverse slopes that contradict the feed direction. In this case, oblique machining cannot be used, otherwise the shape of the processed workpiece will be wrong. To ensure that this processing method can be used, you can choose which linkage method to process according to the shape of the processed part. We should use the three-axis linkage processing method as much as possible, because it has better chip removal results and more stable CNC electric discharge machine.

In using the oblique machining method, when the power-saving parameters of the conditioner are used, the height of the tool lift of the electric discharge machine should be set as larger. Because the height of the tool lift is the length of the oblique path, the electrode of the electric discharge machine machine must be between the absolute tasks. The arrival interval should be much smaller. If the height value is not large enough, the amplitude of the knife lift observed during processing will be too small, so the discharge gap should be set short, and the knife lift speed should be set correspondingly faster.

2. Electrode oblique machining of CNC electric discharge machine to clear the corner

The use of electric discharge machining to realize the remaining R angle after machining is a relatively rare machining method, which is called "corner clearing machining". In this processing method, because some parts of the discharge area are relatively small and the processing depth is large, the discharge is often unstable in large-scale CNC machining, and the electrode feed will continue to retreat, which will slow down the processing speed. The wear of the electrode has also become larger, and the appearance accuracy cannot meet the customer's requirements. Among them, the electric discharge machine can even have many difficult-to-achieve processing conditions. If the electrode oblique machining method is adopted, this kind of problem can be avoided well.

Many mold companies have not fully displayed and applied some functions in the use of CNC electric discharge machine. This article hopes to help everyone understand the function of multi-axis linkage oblique machining.

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