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Method of Use of Edm Drilling Machine

1: How much is the distance between the electrode guide of the EDM drilling machine and the workpiece: The distance between the electrode guide and the workpiece is 2mm~3mm.

2: Precautions for the use of the CNC sparking machine: The electrode sealing ring and electrode guide should be used in accordance with the diameter of the electrode copper tube. Avoid dropping or bumping the electrode copper tube, which can sometimes cause the copper tube to bend, especially using extremely thin electrodes. The flattened copper tube of the electrode or the burr on the end of the copper tube sometimes affects the ejection of the working fluid. Check carefully when installing the electrode. Please rotate the electrode copper tube on a flat table to check for bending or warping. 

3: Unstable electrode consumption of the EDM drilling machine processing: Rotate the electrode to check for deflection or bending. When the deflection or bending is large, not only the processing is unstable but also the electrode consumption is accelerated. The accuracy of the hole is also poor, and the deflection of the electrode is too large, and sometimes it cannot be processed further to a certain depth.

4: After the machining technology of the CNC EDM drill machine is set according to the machining data, before starting the machining, increase the GAP by 1 step, the SERVO by 1 step, and the I to 1 (small). After starting processing, when touching the workpiece, increase I by one step every 2 seconds. After processing and adjusting to the set value of I on the processing data, increase SERVO and increase GAP by one segment. (GAP can be adjusted and maintained between 25V and 30V according to the instructions on the V meter). When the machining reaches the perforation (sparks appear at the bottom). First reduce I by 2~3 segments, then reduce ON by 2~3 segments, at the same time increase GAP by 1 segment, and SERVO by 1 segment until the copper pipe is completely penetrated.

5: Problems with the use of machining fluids for EDM drilling machines. Distilled water or pure water is required for machining fluids or the same treated ionized water as the wire cutting machine. If the temperature of the working fluid is water below 10°C, the discharge speed will be better. When adding K1CS, KICN, etc. to the machining fluid, the discharge speed will be higher and the electrode consumption will be less.

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