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CNC Sparking Machine Can Improve Quality and Efficiency of Processing

If you can give full play to the functions of the CNC sparking machine, you can significantly improve the processing quality and increase the processing efficiency. The molding insert of the injection mold has relatively thin and deep gate positions around it. If this part is processed by Z-axis servo, because the partial discharge area is small and the processing depth is large, the discharge will be unstable during the processing, which will cause the abnormal problems. For example, electrode feed may repeatedly retreat; the processing speed is slow; the electrode loss is large; surface roughness is uneven, etc. As a result, the processing requirements cannot be met.

If the process method is improved and the electrode is processed by the lateral servo function of the CNC sparking machine, the above problems can be solved and the obvious improvement effect can be achieved. In particular, the processing speed can be several times higher than that of the Z-axis servo processing.

The use of CNC electric discharge machine to remove the remaining R angle of the tool after cutting is a relatively common type of machining, also known as "clear angle machining". When performing this type of processing, if the three-axis (X, Y, and Z) linkage method is used, that is, oblique processing, the phenomenon of unstable discharge due to the small area of the processing part can be avoided.

The main experience in operating CNC sparking machining is in the control of time. Being fully aware of how much area and how much time should be set, experienced masters can flexibly realize high-efficiency production. If without experience, operators can only rely on the expert system of CNC machine tools.

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