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Common Faults and Solutions of Automatic CNC Machine

Currently, CNC machining has advantages such as stable production quality, high productivity and improved labor conditions. Therefore, the automatic CNC machine is widely used in the machining industry. However, various failures will occur in the process of use by operators.

Our company, as one of the professional CNC EDM machine suppliers, has summarized the following fault conditions based on some problems in the operation. Also, we have analyzed them one by one and explained CNC solutions.

1. System program faults of automatic CNC machine

(1) Illegal program format

Some students will run the program and perform graphic simulations after inputting the automatic CNC machine program. If the machine tool alarms during this process, we can see the content of the alarm information on the alarm status page: illegal program format. If this happens, we have to carefully check each section of the program and find the statement that does not conform to the instruction format of the CNC system that caused errors.

(2) Incorrect G code

The reason for this is that G code is not supported by the system and is entered in the program of the automatic CNC machine. When we operate a specific machine tool, we have to first read its manual to understand and master the instruction codes used by the system instead of making empirical mistakes. In addition, different CNC systems, and even the same CNC system of different models support different instructions.

(3) Illegal macro program format

Currently, with the continuous improvement of use requirements and manufacturing accuracy, various types of non-circular curves will also be required to be processed. However, most of the current automatic CNC machines can not support it. In order to process the surface curve of the workpiece to meet the requirements, we have to use the program to solve it. However, there are some differences between the program and the commonly used interpolation instructions. The program needs to use trigonometric functions, arithmetic operations, logical operations, etc. Also, some errors are easy to occur during this process.

2. Faults in the processing of the automatic CNC machine

(1) The "emergency stop alarm" is generated during the zero return procedure

After the automatic CNC machine is turned on, the zero return procedure will be processed. During this process, an emergency stop alarm is generated. There are many reasons for this phenomenon, such as shifted limit stops. Also, the poor working environment of the travel switch will cause this. For example, the adhesion of small iron filings and the erosion of cutting fluid make the contact inflexible, and it cannot bounce back to its original state after being pressed down. This CNC solution is to fix the limit block or clean and replace the travel switch.

(2) Large local errors of the workpiece during the process

This phenomenon mainly occurs by friction and wear caused by relative movement between the screw and long-time use of the automatic CNC machine. However, the whole screw is not evenly worn, and individual parts are used more frequently, which leads to inconsistent wear conditions and inconsistent gaps. There are two CNC solutions. First, you can carefully measure the size of the backlash, and then adjust and modify it in the machine parameters. Second, you can repair the screw nut pair or replace it with a new one.

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