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Small Hole EDM Drilling Service and EDM

1. What is a small hole EDM drilling machine?

Small hole EDM drilling machine refers to an EDM machine that uses the principle of EDM to process holes with a size of less than 5mm. It is used to process small and medium punching dies. Its processing feature is not limited by the hardness of metal materials. The template can be quenched first and then machined with the required hole shape to ensure quality and improve service life. Tool electrode materials can be steel, cast iron or copper.

The punching machine is roughly divided into two types according to the medium used. One is the liquid punching machine. Since the liquid processing has to pass through the small hole of the copper rod, it may block the small hole of the copper rod, so the minimum hole can be processed 0.15mm, and the depth, only 350mm can be processed. It is widely used, and the other is a gas punching machine. The medium passing through the small holes of the copper rod is gas, so it is not easy to be blocked, and more precise small holes can be processed.

2. Intelligent solutions for small hole machining EDM equipment

The working principle of the small hole EDM drilling machine is to use the thin metal copper tube (called electrode wire) that continuously moves vertically up and down as the electrode to carry out pulse spark discharge erosion and metal forming on the workpiece. Different from wire EDM machine tools and forming machines, the electrode of its electric pulse is a hollow copper rod, and the medium passes through the fine hole in the middle of the copper rod hole, which plays the role of cooling and chip removal. The discharge between the electrode and the metal produces high temperature corrosion of the metal to achieve the purpose of perforation, and is used to process the pores of superhard steel, cemented carbide, copper, aluminum and any conductive substances. It can process small holes with a minimum size of 0.015mm, and can also process small holes with taper. It is widely used in precision mold processing. It is generally used as a supporting equipment for wire EDM machine tools. Wire threading holes processed by WEDM, chemical fiber spinnerets, spinneret holes of spinnerets, filter plates, group holes of sieve plates, engine blades, cooling holes of cylinder blocks, oil circuits of hydraulic and pneumatic valve bodies, airway holes, etc.

3. Application of micro-hole EDM drilling machine

(1) Wide application

The micro-hole EDM drilling machine can process fine holes such as wire-cut initial holes, nozzle holes, filter holes, pores, and group holes of various conductive materials such as stainless steel, hardened steel, cemented carbide, copper, and aluminum.

(2) Deep hole machining

The hole diameter of micro-hole EDM drilling machine is φ0.3mm-φ3mm, and the maximum machining depth to warp ratio is 300:1.

(3) High-speed machining

The machining speed of micro-hole EDM drilling machine is 30mm-60mm per minute.

(4) Easy to use

The micro-hole EDM drilling machine can penetrate directly from the inclined surface and the curved surface. The X and Y axes of the worktable are equipped with a waterline device, and tap water is directly used as the working fluid.

4. Processing of aluminum materials by small hole EDM drilling machine

EDM aluminum materials are widely used in modern industry, light industry, agriculture and science and technology fields, especially aerospace, aviation, navigation, automobiles, construction, electronics, power engineering, instrumentation, computers and various civilian products. There are also various processing methods for aluminum materials by small hole EDM drilling machines, such as die casting, casting, stamping, explosion forming, cold extrusion, machining, wire electrode cutting and EDM, etc., in the field of EDM, has the characteristics of fast processing speed, easy forming, and low electrode loss, and most of them choose EDM because it is difficult to form by mechanical processing. For example, processing large aluminum workpieces or molds, although CNC machining centers (milling, boring) can be directly processed. However, the processing of some reinforcing ribs, narrow grooves, narrow slits, end faces with clear edges and corners, special-shaped surfaces, and tapered surfaces must be completed by EDM aluminum forming. In addition, there are many instruments, computer accessories, decorative parts and the processing of large plastic molds (such as foam molds of various shapes), all of which need to be processed by EDM.

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