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The Whole Process of Small Hole EDM Spark Machine Is Accurate and Controllable

The advantage of the small hole EDM spark machine is that the diameter of the hole is very small. For example, its diameter can only reach the size of a hair. The small hole EDM spark machine can be used in tool and mold manufacturing industries, aviation and aerospace industries, and machine tool manufacturing, glass industry, automobile manufacturing and pharmaceutical industry. The main applications can be primary drilling, blade air film holes, nozzle holes, exhaust holes (such as casting molds in the automotive industry), cooling holes for plastic tools, and vacuum holes for turbine shovels.

1. The blade air film holes on the turbine blades make small holes for the cooling ventilation inlet and outlet with a great inclination. Compared with the traditional perforation process, the advantages of small hole EDM spark machine machining are very obvious. The traditional processing technology will have problems at a level below 1mm. In the diameter range of 0.1~3.0mm (10mm in special cases), the mechanical perforation is completely replaced by the small hole EDM. The advantage of this CNC sparking machine is that it saves time and cost because phenomena such as tool breakage, tool passivation and tool grinding will no longer occur. EDM can ensure the high precision of the hole diameter, the perpendicularity and cylindricity of the hole, as well as the non-burr and non-deflection. Hardened steel can also be processed by EDM. Therefore, the small hole electric discharge machine can avoid the quenching deformation of the traditional piercing and then quenching plate. Even difficult-to-cut materials (such as tungsten, titanium, inconel, nickel-based alloys, stainless steel alloys, and molybdenum) can be processed. The CNC EDM spark machine can enter the surface of the workpiece at a very steep angle and etch through the unknown hole area. The whole process is accurate and controllable without the need to set precise perforation depth in advance.

2. When processing small holes on hard materials, the small hole EDM spark machine technology has its place. Smooth, precise, and high-quality, the electrodes are becoming more and more advanced. During the piercing process, the software affects the depth dimension and the characteristics of the electric spark. CNC EDM spark machine small hole machining is especially suitable for the machining of hard materials with conductive properties. Through 0.1~3mm (up to 10mm in special cases) diameter electrode tube, the maximum drilling depth can reach 700×D. For example, a 1.0mm diameter electrode can reach a drilling depth of 700mm. So far, the maximum drilling depth achieved in high-alloy hard materials is 1500mm. The maximum drilling speed reached by the small hole electric discharge machine so far in high alloy materials is about 70mm/min.

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