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How To Select The Consumable Parts Of EDM Drill Machine

We produce and sell various sizes of EDM small hole machines to meet the different needs of different customers, from tiny holes to big holes, to heightened workpieces, and to processing large workpieces.

For some consumable parts of the EDM drill, here is the introduction:

How To Select The Consumable Parts Of EDM Drill Machine

1. Electrode

The electrode is especially important to a super drill, without it, the machine can't perform the machining, just like a milling cutter for a milling machine. Usually, the wear of electrode is about 90%, i.e. an electrode with a length of 500mm can make about ten holes with a depth of about 35mm. Of course, there are many factors that affect the wear of the electrode, such as the performance of high-frequency power, the parameters of different power for burning, quality of the electrode, and so on. Different machines from different factories have different high-frequency power, so it's better to select a high-quality EDM drilling machine with excellent high-frequency power. Besides, the quality of the electrode is also a reason that operator should consider.

Usually, there are brass electrode and copper electrode mainly used for CNC EDM drill.

Brass electrode: mainly for drilling various regular steel, hardened steel, various mold steel and etc.

Copper electrode: mainly for drilling materials with relatively high density, such as solid carbide, copper, titanium alloy, nickel alloy, molybdenum and etc.

We supply copper and brass electrode with a diameter from Φ0.1 to Φ6.0mm, single hole, and multiple holes.

2. Electrode seals

The electrode seal is used in conjunction with the electrode tube. Since the EDM drilling machine uses high-pressure flushing liquid, the seal ring is very important. If there is water leakage at the electrode, replace the seal ring in time.

How To Select The Consumable Parts Of EDM Drill Machine

3.  Rotation head O-ring.

Customers who usually use our EDM hole drilling machines for sale should know that the machine will start to leak after a period of use. The most common reason is the rotating head. Since the seal ring of the rotation head is a consumable part, water leakage is unavoidable.

No matter what kind of EDM drill is used, water leakage will surely happen. It is just a matter of the time that the high-end machine is longer, and the time of the low-end machine is shorter. In this case, the only solution is to change the seal ring. The seal ring is easy to buy in the market, but there are many types of seal rings. When some manufacturers buy it, they think that as long as the size is about the same, and don't consider the quality. If low-quality ones, there will soon be water leakage again, and even damage to the rotation head assembly, so DMNC recommends you to buy from professional CNC EDM machine suppliers.

How To Select The Consumable Parts Of EDM Drill Machine

4.  Water pump seal

Since the water pump of the EDM drilling machine is operated under high pressure for a long time, after a period of use, the high-pressure water pump is also prone to water leakage due to the aging of the sealing ring. It is recommended to check the high-pressure water pump regularly and pay attention to maintaining the normal oil level. If there is water leakage, replace the sealing ring in time. In order not to damage the pump body, please use original consumables.

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