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New Practical Functions of the EDM Die Sinker Machine

1. Brief introduction to the EDM die sinker machine

The EDM die sinker machine is mainly used to process complex cavities and curved surfaces of various electrical conductors such as various molds and precision parts. It has the characteristics of high processing precision, high smoothness and fast speed. The appearance design of the machine tool is beautiful, the structure design is reasonable and compact, and the mechanical structure is firm and strong.

2. Functional characteristics of the EDM die sinker machine

1) The EDM die sinker machine adopts advanced industrial dedicated industrial control motherboard, which has strong functions, good stability and simple operation. Just input a few parameters such as the Z-axis depth, the matching processing parameters can be called out from the rich expert library system. The rough machining and the finish machining can be automatically completed at one time.

2) Our sinker EDM machine for sale adopts a special MOSFET discharge circuit design, which has fast processing speed and low electrode loss, so that the mold surface is smoother and the thickness is more uniform. And it can achieve machining of deep hole, blind hole, and side and large area machining, and has the functions of automatic slag discharge, carbon deposit alarm and so on.

3) The EDM die sinker machine has the function of interchange between metric and imperial systems, Chinese and foreign languages, which is convenient for operation.

4) In the electric discharge machining of the EDM die sinker machine, the discharge parameters can be modified at any time without affecting the processing, and there are unlimited automatic discharge conditions and program settings, and the processing can be selected at will. At the same time, it has discharge time control, which can be used flexibly with the processing depth.

5) The power supply of the die sinking process has the functions of automatic liquid level monitoring, infrared flame detection, depth reaching alarm and power off, finding the center point and so on.

6) In addition to the positive and negative conversion function of the EDM die sinker machine, it can also increase the anti-beating function, so that it can be used when processing special molds.

This new function upgrade of the EDM die sinker machine, for many masters who operate the EDM die sinker machine, improves our original working mode, and makes it more convenient and intelligent in operation. As long as it is effectively used, it will become easier to improve the efficiency of the EDM die sinker machine.

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