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Exception Handling of CNC Sparking Machine

When the CNC sparking machine has abnormal operation, we need to do a comprehensive inspection of the CNC sparking machine. First of all, we must determine whether the CNC sparking machine needs maintenance or repair. The judgment between the two requires us to follow the following steps.

1. When the CNC sparking machine needs maintenance

① It is necessary to maintain the cleanliness of the machine table manufactured by wire edm machine suppliers. Dirt will often cause the machine to fail to operate efficiently and normally.

② Add grease to the guide rail to increase its lubricity. The guide rail plays a basic role in the operation of the CNC sparking machine. It is also necessary to keep it unobstructed.

③ Check and clean the fuel tank to see if the fuel is insufficient, or if the outlet of fuel tank is blocked, etc., which may affect the use of the machine. However, the current CNC sparking machines are highly intelligent. Under normal circumstances, they will issue a corresponding alarm when the fuel is insufficient.

2. When the CNC sparking machine needs repair

If the above three maintenance methods are done, the CNC sparking machine is still malfunctioning, then you must choose to repair it. At this time, you must record the current status of the machine, as well as the recent use and working conditions of the machine, and then report it to the manufacturer to apply for repairs. When the CNC sparking machine fails, it must be handled by professional technicians.

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