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Some Precautions for Installing EDM Drilling Machine

Ⅰ. Where is the electronic ruler installed on the EDM drilling machine?

Generally, the grating ruler is installed on the worktable of the high-speed small hole electric spark drilling machine and moves with the machine tool. The reading head is fixed on the bed, and the reading head is installed below the main ruler as much as possible. When selecting the installation method, you must pay attention to the direction of the working liquid splashing of the high-speed small hole electric spark drilling machine. In addition, under normal circumstances, the reading head should be installed on the stationary parts of the high-speed electric spark small hole machine. At this time, the output wire will not move, which will make it easy to fix, and then the ruler body should be installed on the corresponding moving parts of the machine tool.

When installing the grating ruler base surface of the EDM drilling machine on the bed of the EDM drilling machine, the optical ruler cannot be directly installed on the rough, uneven bed. The optical ruler and the reading head should be respectively installed on the two parts of the machine tool that move relative to each other. Use a dial indicator to check the parallelism between the main ruler installation surface of the machine tool table and the direction of motion of the guide rail. Fix the dial indicator on the bed, and then move the worktable to achieve parallelism within 0.1mm/1000mm. If it cannot meet the requirements, a grating ruler base needs to be designed and processed. And the reading head should be installed on the reading head base, and the total error between the base of the reading head and the base of the ruler shall not be greater than ±0.2mm. During installation, the position of the reading head should be adjusted so that the parallelism between the grating ruler body and the reading head is about 0.1mm, and the distance between the two is about 1-1.5mm.

Ⅱ. The main steps of installing electronic ruler on EDM drilling machine

Install the grating ruler on the workbench installation table of the high-speed small hole EDM drilling machine with M4 screws, but do not tighten it, then fix the dial indicator on the bed, move it slowly, and use the dial indicator to measure the plane of the main ruler. The parallelism with the direction of movement of the machine tool rail, and then adjust the position of the main ruler M4 screw to make the main ruler parallelism within 0.1mm/1000mm, and finally tighten the two screws.

When installing the reading head of the grating ruler, you should first ensure that the base surface of the reading head meets the installation requirements and then install the reading head. The parallelism of the ruler is within 0.1mm, and the gap between the two is controlled within 1-1.5mm.

Ⅲ. Inspection after installation of the electronic ruler of the EDM drilling machine

After the installation is complete, you can connect to the digital display meter and then slowly move the workbench to observe whether the count of the digital display meter is normal and reasonable. Select a reference position on the machine tool and move the working point back and forth to the selected position. The readings of the digital display should be the same or return to zero. You can also use a dial indicator to adjust the dial indicator and the digital display to zero simultaneously.

The grating ruler is equipped with a protective cover. The protective cover of the EDM drilling machine is designed to enlarge the cross-section of the grating sensor to ensure a certain amount of space. The protective cover is usually sealed with rubber, which is waterproof and oil-proof.

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