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EDM Machine in Home Appliances Mold Processing

The electric fans, refrigerators, air conditioners, TVs, washing machines, microwave ovens, etc. that we usually use are now common. But do you know that these home appliances also have something indispensable to them, that is, home appliance molds.

The production of these household appliances starts with the design and production of molds. Good molds can make the appearance of household appliances smoother, more beautiful, and with higher precision. Therefore, we must pay great attention to the process of household appliance mold processing.

Home Appliance Mold Processing Steps

The usual steps include:

1. Cutting material: front mold material, rear mold material, insert material, row position material, inclined top material.

2. Mold frame processing: front mold frame and back mold frame.

3. Rough EDM machine working: the front mold cavity is opened thick, the back-mold cavity is opened, and the parting line is opened.

4. Electrode production: front mold electrode, back mold electrode, parting line clear corner electrode.

5. The machining of EDM wire cutting machine for sale: insert parting line, electrode, inclined top pillow position.

6. CNC machining center: parting line processing, rear mold core processing.

7. Electric discharge machining (CNC EDM machine or ZNC EDM machine): rough machining of the front mold, electrode discharge, clear angle of the male mold line, back mold bone position, pillow position.

8. Drilling, pinhole, thimble, row position, row position pressure pole.

9. Inclined top, compound thimble and matching thimble.

10. Surface decoration treatment

To make the surface wear-resistant, anti-aging, metallic luster, and beautiful, the methods used include thermal spraying, electroplating, ion plating, etc. Plastic is a very important mold material. The logo, barcode, and number on the home appliance mold are used to identify marks. We usually use the surface for direct machining and use a laser marking machine to print marks on the surface of the home appliance mold. That is, the processing speed is very fast, and it can also keep the inherent surface characteristics of the home appliance mold, and the printed mark has the characteristics of long-lasting, anti-counterfeiting and high quality, without other processing procedures.

11. Others: subsequent processing and assembly

As long as we pay attention to the mold while it is still processing, and don't make mistakes, then there is no need to worry about the mold being damaged.

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