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Notes for maintenance of EDM small hole drilling machine

The dos and don'ts for maintenance of EDM small hole drilling machine

In order to extend the working life of the EDM pinhole machine and improve its work efficiency, we need to maintain and maintain it properly during its work, so in today's article, I will tell you notes of maintenance for the small hole drilling EDM machine.

When the working of EDM hole drilling machine for sale is done, it needs clean up the machine in time, the wasted water on the working table and the workpiece waste remaining during the operation should be cleaned up in time to avoid long-term water corrosion and machine to cause the water tray to get rusty and water leakage

Some CNC small hole drilling EDM machines use pneumatic pumps, and the working pressure is about 12Mpa under normal circumstances, so special attention should be paid to filtration and compressed air drainage. If the compressed air is not pure, it will easily cause a drawing cylinder and damage. Moreover, it is necessary to clean and replace the filter on the tap water from time to time, otherwise, the impurities in the water will block the copper electrode tube, causing instability or burning of the electrode during use. While the electric pump is much easier to maintain, and the electric pump usually does not have a problem with water leakage, and its noise problem is also better.

Pay attention to the timely replacement of new lubricating oil, which is also crucial in EDM maintenance. The water pump is an important part of the CNC EDM drill machine. The pressure of the electric pump under working conditions is generally 7Mpa. Therefore, the pressure on the crankshaft during the working process is also pretty big. If the lubricant is not replaced in time, it will cause serious loss of the machine and cause unnecessary losses. 

The ball screw is also one of the important parts of the machine. The screw is divided into X-axis, Y-axis, and Z-axis. The machine will wear the ball screw during operation. Therefore, in order to reduce the loss of the ball screw, it is necessary to adjust the ball screw before operation every day. The machine is checked, and the lubrication oil is injected. One of the things worth noting is that the Z-axis of the screw is hidden inside and cannot be seen directly. Therefore, be sure to align the grease nipple with the ball screw rod when adding oil and when applying butter to ensure that the oil can be accurately injected.

Similarly, the rotating head of the EDM small hole machine also operates in a high-pressure environment. Therefore, its seals should be replaced regularly. If it is not replaced in time, wait until the water has leaked before replacing it. At this time, water is likely to enter the bearing. If this happens, it will corrode the bearing, causing rust and jam of the bearing which will affect the service life of the small hole drilling EDM machine.

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