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How to Judge the Mechanical Failure of ZNC Machine Tools?

Ⅰ. From what aspects can we judge the failure of ZNC machine tools?

The judgment of mechanical failure of ZNC machine tools is mainly divided into three aspects: Firstly, whether mechanical component is operating normally; secondly, operating condition should be monitored; thirdly, predict possible situations.

Ⅱ. To what aspects should we start with to judge the failure of ZNC machine tools?

1. Determine what causes the failure and deterioration of the mechanical system?

2. Grasp basic information such as where the mechanical system is faulty and the extent of the fault.

3. Understand the performance, strength and efficiency of the mechanical system of ZNC machine tools.

4. Predict the reliability of the mechanical system and how long it can be used.

Having mastered the above points means that one has basically mastered the diagnosis technology of ZNC machine tool mechanical failures. Then, it will be easy to deal with some basic mechanical failures!

Ⅲ. The importance of timely judgment of ZNC machine tool failure.

Detecting whether the mechanical system of the ZNC machine tool is normal, it can find the problem in time to avoid the loss caused by the machine tool for long downtime, and it can also avoid some personnel injuries so that we can discover some hidden dangers that may appear in the production. As a result, DMNC, as one of the most professional EDM machine suppliers, can better our designs or make improvements to the equipment.

Each company can also improve its internal maintenance system. The company is equipped with its own maintenance personnel to predict possible mechanical failures on the basis of regular maintenance, so as to prevent the sudden occurrence of failures and affect production, and to do the maintenance work of ZNC machine tools in advance. This greatly improves the utilization rate of ZNC machine tools, saves some maintenance costs, does not delay production, and creates certain economic benefits for the company.

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