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Effective Methods to Improve the Machining Finish of EDM Die Sinker Machines

EDM die sinker machines are mainly used for machining in various industries. Under the condition that various CNC EDM die sinker machine suppliers are improving their own quality, they can process good products, which is what every molding machine manufacturer is looking for. Therefore, all suppliers of CNC EDM die sinker machines are constantly innovating and researching, hoping to produce molding machines that meet customer needs.

1. Improve the finish of EDM die sinker machined parts

With various sinker EDM for sale, how to improve the finish of EDM is a very realistic problem. In fact, as long as certain powder additives are added during the processing process, the surface finish of the processed parts can be greatly improved. The old machine tools also have the functions of the new machine tools.

2. What are the benefits of adding powder to the EDM die sinker machine?

(1) Powder additives' price is relatively low, so the cost is relatively low.

(2) When the EDM die sinker machine remains unchanged, the finish can be increased by less than half.

(3) Adding powder additives will not affect the machining accuracy of the parts.

(4) When processing the hard-to-grind surface, a better processed surface can be obtained.

(5) It does not affect the normal use of electrodes.

(6) It does not affect the normal use of the working fluid.

(7) As long as the appropriate amount of powder additives is added, it will not have any effect on the EDM die sinker machine. Therefore, adding powder additives is a small cost for greater benefit.

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