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New Opportunities in the Era of Intelligent CNC Sparking Machine

With the rise of the Internet era, various industries have developed rapidly. This has also brought about a new era for the development of CNC sparking machine, which first upgraded from a normal single-axis key-controlled sparking machine to a computer display screen-controlled CNC sparking machine, then to a CNC three-axis full CNC sparking machine, and now to a mirror CNC sparking machine.

Development of CNC sparking machine in various stages

  • At first, the sparking machine electronic control panel used an 8-character light display. For multiple-stage processing, it could only be completed one stage at a time, with frequent manual involvement and relatively high labor costs.

  • The computer display screen single-axis CNC sparking machine was upgraded through system upgrades. It had faster processing speeds, and the database data that could be called up was several times higher than before, making it cost-effective.

  • CNC sparking machine can achieve point-to-point displacement of each axis, and only needs to select the axis and enter the numerical value. It is precise in positioning and can automatically align the mold for the X, Y, and Z axes, either single-axis orthree-axis automatic mold alignment.

  • In addition to all the functions of the CNC sparking machine, the Mirror CNC sparking machine also has a mirror function. The molds manufactured using the Mirror CNC sparking machine can be used directly for production without the need for mold polishing, effectively shortening the mold delivery cycle.

Advantages of the mirror CNC sparking machine

  • The mirror CNC sparking machine has two side repair programs. Rectangular corners are repaired with the flat side repair program, and round or multi-faceted ellipses are repaired with the flat bottom side repair program. During the side repair process, the electrode moves at an angle toward the workpiece. At this point, the tool electrode simultaneously moves from the middle to the outside, from top to bottom, and is CNC controlled automatically, i.e., a three-axis linkage. This type of movement is less likely to deposit carbon, is easy to exhaust and vent, does not produce arcs, and has high productivity.

  • Mirror sparking machine X-axis lateral processing of the open die, closed die precision, productivity can be significantly higher than Z-axis processing.

  • Using electrodes can be rough and finish machining by CNC sparking machine, thus saving the manufacturing time and cost of double electrodes, saving the trouble caused by finishing electrode correction and shortening the mold manufacturing time.

  • The EDM machine adds special control in the control circuit. When an arc or a false short circuit is generated, the pulse power is immediately cut off and the power supply to the cavity is stopped, the electrode temperature will not continue to rise and the fire will be reduced.

  • Spark EDM machine uses a full low voltage pulse pattern with the same pulse width after a high voltage breakdown. It is proved that this pulse mode further reduces the loss of tool electrode, roughness and uniformity of machined surface, and the loss of tool electrode is very small.

  • Self-appropriate function, that is, since the appropriate lifting knife, is in the discharge than the generated discharge is more stable, no corrosion and removal of the cavity, when the discharge is greater than the discharge, no internal etching of the shape cavity, that is, the balance is broken, the balance or discharge is greater than the production, lifting the knife to stop, efficiency is improved.

The big time opportunity to use the good CNC sparking machine each advantageous performance, the enterprise can fully enhance the output value and reduce labor costs.

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