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System Maintenance Rules of ZNC Machine

1. Maintenance of ZNC machine

(1) Strictly follow the operating procedures.

(2) Prevent the ZNC machine from overheating.

(3) Frequently monitor the grid voltage of the ZNC machine system.

(4) Prevent dust from entering the ZNC machine.

(5) Check and replace the storage batteries regularly.

2. Strictly follow the operating procedures

Special technical training is required for ZNC machine system programming, operation and maintenance staff. It is necessary to be familiar with the machinery, ZNC machine system, power equipment, hydraulic pressure, air source and other parts of the machine, as well as the operating environment, processing conditions, etc. Also, it is necessary to be able to use the machine and system correctly and reasonably based on operating instructions. Failures caused by improper operation should be avoided as far as possible.

3. Frequently monitor the grid voltage of the ZNC machine system

In general, the grid voltage range of the ZNC machine system is 10% to 15% of the rated value. If it exceeds this range, the ZNC machine system will not work stably, or cause damage to important electronic components. Therefore, it is necessary to always pay attention to the fluctuation of the grid voltage. For areas with grid voltage quality, it is important to timely configure the special AC power supply device of the ZNC machine system, which will significantly reduce the failure rate.

4. Prevent dust from entering the ZNC machine

Besides maintenance, the electrical cabinet doors should be opened as little as possible. This is because the dust and metal powder floating in the air in the workshop will fall on the printed circuit boards and electrical connectors, which can easily cause the insulation resistance between the components to decrease, resulting in failure or even damage to the components. The spindle control system of some ZNC machines is placed in a strong electric cabinet, and the strong electric door is not closed strictly, which is a reason for the damage of electrical components and failure of the spindle control.

When the ZNC machine is not used for a long time, the system should be maintained regularly.

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