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Briefly Describe the Threading Skills of Wire EDM Machine

Wire threading plays a very important role in the first process of wire EDM machine processing. Although this is the most basic step, there are still many problems when you actually thread the wire. Now we will show you several silk threading skills:

1. According to wire cut programming, the wire EDM machine must maintain a certain tension during the threading process, and the guide wheel must be held by the hand to maintain a certain tension during the threading process of the wire EDM machine. If there is no tension, it is easy to cause the wire conveyor to be disordered and the molybdenum wire to slip out of the guide.

2. The molybdenum wire should be inserted into the guide wheel to avoid friction with the wire EDM machine frame. Thus, damage to the frame could be prevented and service life of the molybdenum wire could be increased.

3. The molybdenum wire must maintain a sufficient length. The wire-carrying tube is a kind of reciprocating motion during the processing of the wire cutting machine. The width of the wire should be at least one-half but not wider than that of the wire tube.

4. The molybdenum wire must be perpendicular to the worktable. After the molybdenum wire is wound and tensioned, the angle of the molybdenum wire to the worktable should be corrected and adjusted to a vertical one.

5. After the molybdenum wire is installed, it must be re-tensioned. Generally, there is a molybdenum wire tightening device in in wire-EDM. For the wire-cut EDM machine without a tightening device, the molybdenum wire must be tightened with the hand wheel before processing.

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