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How to Maintain the Spare Parts of EDM Drilling Machine

I. The maintenance of high pressure pump of edm drilling machine

The high-pressure pump of the edm drilling machine runs under a working pressure of 7Mpa, and the bearing inside are under a lot of pressure. If the machine oil inside is not replaced in time after a period of work, it will cause very serious consequences. This point is easily ignored by many edm drilling machine users, and we should pay more attention to it. Because the high-pressure pump is a very important spare part in the small hole edm machine, and if this spare part encounters a problem, it will affect the function of the whole machine.

II. The maintenance of the rotating head of the edm drilling machine

Similar to the high-pressure pump of the edm drilling machine, the rotating head also works under high pressure. The seals of edm drilling machine need to be replaced regularly. If you replace it until water leakage occurs, it is possible that water has penetrated into the bearing and the loss is even bigger.

III. The regular maintenance principle of edm drilling machine

After each use, the water and workpiece residues on the work surface of the edm drilling machine should be cleaned up. Also you should regularly clean the dust inside the electrical cabinet, such as the dust on the power resistor, the dust on the bridge stack, especially the dust on the circuit board of the machine tool. This contributes to the heat dissipation effect of the electrical components.  If the dust on the circuit board is not removed frequently, it will be easily eroded over a long period of time, causing the machine tool to malfunction, which requires the replacement of the circuit board.

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