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N85 5-axis Simultaneous Control Cnc Die Sinking Edm Machine Has Been Added Into “qualified Suppliers Catalog Of Domestic Made High Rank Cnc Machine Tools For Military Industry”

N85 5-axis simultaneous control CNC Die Sinking EDM Machine has been added into "qualified suppliers catalog of domestic-made high-rank CNC machine tools for Military Industry"


The third form of "qualified suppliers catalog of domestic-made high-rank CNC machine tools for Military Industry" of State Administration of Science, Technology, and Industrial for National Defense was held on 16th April 2019. N85 5-axis simultaneous control high precision CNC sinker EDM machine, produced by Beijing Institute of Electro-machining/Beijing Dimon CNC Technology Co., Ltd, has been successfully added to the list of qualified suppliers. This is the second time that our wire erosion machines for sale have been added to the list, the previous one is the AA50 5-axis CNC EDM sinker. It proves that the EDM machines we produce have been accepted and honored to serve the military defense industry.

The "Supply Catalog for Domestic High-end CNC Machine Tools in the Military Industry" was initiated and established by the National Defense Science and Technology Industry Bureau, and organized and selected by China Peaceful Use of Military Technology Association and China Machine Tool & Tool Industry Association. The catalog aims to promote the application of domestic high-end CNC die sinking machine tools in the military industry, improve the level of national defense military equipment autonomy, ensure the safety of military production, and promote the integration of military and civilian development. The products required to be added to the catalog are domestic independent brands, with advanced technology, stable and reliable quality, which can replace similar imported machine tools and satisfy the processing requirements of key parts after professional evaluation and users’ application for one year.

N85 five-axis simultaneous control high precision CNC electric discharge forming machine is an industrialized product of the 2004 National Science and Technology Major Scientific and Technological Achievements undertaken by BIEM. The machine has a five-axis linkage function. It has been put into application verification in Xi'an Aviation Power Co., Ltd. Production and processing tasks of key components such as aero-engine casings and marine gas turbines. The successful development of this CNC EDM machine broke the international monopoly of five-axis simultaneous precision EDM machines, and effectively improved the capacity of development response speed of China's aerospace, energy, weapons, and other key components.


N85 5-axis simultaneous control high precision CNC die sink EDM machine


Certification of "qualified suppliers catalog of domestic-made high-rank CNC machine tools for Military Industry".

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