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Wire EDM Machine Tool Processing Skills

In order to ensure the excellent processing quality of the workpiece, there is a gap between the cut part of the material and the parent material during the processing of the wire EDM machine tool. If it is not fixed, the material may deform and affect the processing quality. Therefore, like slow wire processing, the cut part and the parent material Paste and connect copper sheets between the materials, so that the reserved part of the workpiece is connected with the parent material during cutting, so as to ensure good positioning conditions for wire cutting, so as to ensure excellent processing quality of the workpiece, which can be carried out according to the following steps.

The first wire EDM machine processing skill

The CNC wire EDM machine process first cuts the thin copper sheet (thickness depends on the condition of the electrode wire and the shape of the processing part) into long strips according to the size of the workpiece, and then folds it, and ensures that the folded part is one long and one short. The purpose of using the short copper sheet is to reduce the thickness of the copper sheet, so that the upper nozzle is closer to the processing part of the workpiece, so as to improve the processing accuracy.

The second wire EDM machine processing skill

Then flatten the bent part of the folded copper sheet with a small hand hammer. Then insert the above-treated copper sheet into the gap formed by wire electrode processing, and drip 502 glue (that is, instant quick-drying epoxy resin) on the surface of the workpiece. Due to the high-pressure flushing of the wire electric discharge machine during cutting, the workpiece is under greater pressure. If the copper sheet is simply plugged to ensure electrical conductivity and fixation, the following problems are likely to occur:

(1) The copper sheet is too loosely packed, worrying about unreliable fixing and unstable conduction.

(2) The copper sheet is too tightly packed, and there are concerns about damaging the surface of the workpiece and destroying the shape and position tolerance, so 502 glue is used to ensure that the cut part is fixed to the parent material.

The third wire cutting machine processing skill

After the CNC wire EDM machine process is completed, it can be straightened to remove the copper sheet from the gap. It should be noted here that when using 502 glue to paste and connect the copper sheet, it should be kept away from the reserved parts of the workpiece, so as to prevent the 502 glue from seeping into the threading hole of the wire guide nozzle just below it, causing the threading hole to be blocked; in addition, the position of pasting the connecting copper sheet should consider the symmetrical distribution, and they should be plugged tightly at the same time to avoid the deviation of the workpiece, which will affect the processing quality of the workpiece.

In conclusion, mastering these wire EDM machine tool processing skills can greatly improve the processing quality of the workpiece. It is also important to note that the quality of the wire EDM machine itself plays a crucial role in the processing outcome. Therefore, choosing reliable wire EDM machine manufactures is an essential step in ensuring excellent processing quality. As a leading wire EDM machine manufacturers and suppliers, we stand out by offering not only high precision wire EDM CNC machines and high speed dk7750 EDM wire cutting machines, but also exceptional service at all times. With a reasonable wire cut CNC machine price, we make sure to provide you with high-quality wire EDM machines  that meet your specific needs. Act now and elevate your processing quality with our top-notch wire EDM machines.

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