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Factors Affecting the Machining Speed of Edm Die Sinker Machine

Ⅰ. Factors affecting the speed of EDM die sinker machine

For a variety of factors, the processing speed of the CNC EDM die sinker machine is altered. The electromechanical spark's high-frequency control cabinet is the most significant component. The control cabinet structure, the current size, the thickness of the workpiece, and the material all have varying degrees of impact. In general, the rough machining efficiency of EDM machine tools is similar, and the difference in machining efficiency is most noticeable in the finishing machining. Finishing necessitates the use of multi-stage processing conditions, and the efficiency of this process is dependent on several complicated parameters, including processing conditions, machining allowances, and craftsmanship. Because the efficiency of different processing techniques varies so much, it's impossible to precisely assess finishing efficiency using specific indications.

The processing efficiency of CNC EDM die sinker machines varies significantly. Users frequently believe that the larger the marked data, the faster it will be processed. The considerable processing current of the EDM machine tools is primarily responsible for the high processing efficiency. The larger the EDM die sinker machine's processing current, the better the large processing efficiency. It reflects the efficiency of rough processing in the event of high processing efficiency, and the surface after processing is quite rough. Such high-current processing is rarely required in actual processing. Therefore, it can be said that this so-called large processing efficiency is of little significance for evaluating the processing efficiency of machine tools. And DMNS can provide you the best EDM die sinker product.

Ⅱ. Example analysis of processing speed of EDM machine

For comparison, we normally use many distinct application examples. That is, the processing requirements are the same under the same processing conditions, and the overall processing time is compared. It's worth noting that this type of comparison can only reflect differences in machine tool machining efficiency by utilizing the machine's own process methods and electrical settings for processing without the need for human interaction. Because human changes play a large role in processing efficiency, it takes 20 hours to process a cavity using the EDM machine's default program. Commonly, the processing time can be controlled to 8h by adjusting the schedule. But the longer the processing time of the machine tool, the smaller the flexible space and the stronger the processing adaptability.

For complex and changeable processing types, the overall processing efficiency will show obvious advantages. The index "large machining efficiency" can only be used to evaluate the large rough machining efficiency of the EDM machine. In actual production, the level of machining efficiency often depends on the finishing efficiency of the EDM die sinker machine, and the finishing efficiency can be evaluated through objective application comparison.

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