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Factors to Be Considered when Selecting CNC EDM Drill Machine

How to maximize the efficiency of the CNC EDM drill machine? In fact, to put it bluntly is which processing is suitable for CNC punching machine, which is not suitable for processing on EDM punching machine.

Taking into account factors such as the number and model of CNC machine tools owned by the enterprise, the cost of parts processing, production efficiency and other factors, for a specific part, usually only a part of the process is arranged on the CNC machine tool for processing. Other processes are arranged on ordinary machine tools, such as positioning holes and positioning reference plane processing. Therefore, after getting the parts, it is necessary to conduct a careful process analysis on the drawings, select the appropriate process content that requires CNC machining, and give full play to the advantages of CNC machining while ensuring quality and reducing EDM drilling machine price.

When choosing, generally consider in the following order:

1) Contents that cannot be processed by the ordinary CNC EDM machine should be selected as priority content;

2) The processing content that is difficult to process with an ordinary CNC EDM drill machine and the quality is difficult to guarantee should be selected as the key content;

3) The machining efficiency of ordinary CNC EDM drill machines is low, and workers manually operate the content of high labor intensity. They can choose on the basis of the surplus capacity of CNC machine tools.

Generally speaking, after the above-mentioned processing content is processed by our EDM drilling machine for sale, the product quality, productivity and comprehensive economic benefits will be significantly improved. 

In contrast, CNC EDM drill machine processing is not suitable for some of the following processing content:

1) Processing content that needs to be adjusted for a long time, such as: rough machining of blanks;

2) It is difficult to clamp or completely rely on aligning and positioning to ensure the process content of processing accuracy;

3) Processes with uneven material and unstable machining allowance;

4) Holes or other processing contents that require special tooling coordination;

5) For other sporadic parts that cannot be processed in one installation, the use of CNC machining is very troublesome and the effect is not obvious, and ordinary machine tools can be arranged for supplementary processing.

In addition, when selecting and deciding the processing content, the production batch size, production cycle, and turnover between processes must also be considered. In short, we must try our best to be reasonable and achieve the goals of efficiency.

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