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CNC Die Sinker EDM Machine For Sale

As a professional CNC Die Sinker EDM Machine manufacturer, we aim at providing you erosion machines with high quality. EDM sinker for sale is waiting for your contact with a warm welcome. We are available if you have any questions about spark erosion machine for sale.

What is CNC Die Sinker EDM Machine?

CNC die sinker EDM machine refers to a machine that can realize the discharge machining or the multi-axis dynamic discharge machining. The mechanical structure of the sinker EDM machine is firm and strong with a practical function. Sinker EDM machine is perfect machining applied in the tooling industry for the EDM die sinker can produce molds with high precision and smoothness. EDM die sinking machine is wildly used in any industry which requires a precision finish. Due to the hard property of metal, the spark erosion machine only comes out with the electrical sparks rather than touches the metal directly. DMNC has various types of sinker EDM machines for you to choose.

Die Sinking EDM Operation

Die sinking EDM is carried out in a liquid medium. The automatic device of the EMD die sinking machine keeps a proper discharge gap between the workpiece and the tool electrode. When a strong pulse voltage is applied, the dielectric insulation strength is at the lowest point. Because the discharge area of the CNC EDM spark machine is very small and the discharge time is very short, the energy is highly concentrated, so that the temperature is as high as 10000-12000 ℃. Then the metal is thrown into the working fluid. And the shape of the sinker EDM machine electrode is reproduced on the workpiece. And if you mean to buy edm sinker machine, do contact us.

Types of CNC Sinker/Sinking EDM Machine For Sale

Windows Platform CNC EDM Machine

Windows Platform CNC EDM Machine

As a type of EDM CNC electric discharge machine, ADI series high precision CNC EDM die sinking machine has the latest DMNC's 6th generation Windows platform control system, upgraded mechanical structure with better accuracy, three years casting aging treatment, SP grade linear guideway and C2 grade ball screw, new designed optimized mechanical structure, all upgradations make ADI series the right choice for present and future demands in high accuracy CNC EDM machine technology. The latest control system has high scalability to make up-gradation in the future is quite easy, lifelong up-gradation is available.

Automation CNC EDM Machine

Automation CNC EDM Machine

ADV series new generation CNC EDM spark erosion machine is designed for automation, there are many different flexible options. Equipped with a robot and electrode and workpiece store, EDM CNC automatic machine itself can realize small parts, large quantity, and man-free production, for this solution, before production starts, the operator needs to set electrodes and workpiece. Furthermore, the CNC milling center of electrode and CMM can be brought in to realize full automation from electrode machining, electrode checking, spark erosion machining, product checking and etc. The cost of labor cost is increasing rapidly recently, to release the pressure of labor cost and increase efficiency, automation application in EDM machining industry is born for the future.

CNC EDM Sinker Machine C Structure A30, A45

CNC EDM Sinker Machine C Structure A30, A45

"C" structure CNC EDM machine A30 and A45 are equipped with a 5th generation electric discharging machining control system, which has excellent machining performance of both copper electrodes and graphite electrodes. With excellent performance, the EDM CNC die sinker machines are suitable for processing small and medium-sized precision plastics and die-casting molds, especially for cosmetics molds, high-end toy molds, molds of medical products, carbide machining and other industries. Welcome to contact us if you need any kind of CNC EDM die sinker spark erosion for sale! 

Ram Type CNC EDM Machine with Fixed Table

Ram Type CNC EDM Machine with Fixed Table

This type of EDM machines are usually big for heavy loading, therefore, we call them large CNC EDM machines, the structure has a fixed working table, the motion of X, Y, and Z-axis are all located on the saddle side. Because the weight of the workpiece is not giving gravity on moving axes, so when the workpiece comes very heavy, there is no influence of moving parts, the ideal of heavy molds machining.

Double Heads Large CNC EDM Machine

Double Heads Large CNC EDM Machine

Twin-head large EDM CNC sparking machine has two separated spindle heads and two separated controllers, also called double column CNC EDM machine, it was developed for some kinds of molds with very large size. Max table size could be up to 3500mm, and load capacity up to 20000kgs. Besides, two separated CNC electric discharge machines could be performed at the same on different locations of one mold. Of course, the dynamic and mechanical of double head CNC EDM is not as good as single-head CNC EDM die sinking EDM machine.

General Purpose CNC EDM Machine P40

General Purpose CNC EDM Machine P40

P40 CNC EDM machine has three axis simultaneous control and 4th generation electrical discharging control system, best surface finish Ra≤0.12μm, Min. electrode wear ≤0.05%, standard equipped with 50A controller and Max machining efficiency ≥500mm3/min. Good performance, favorable price and suitable dimension make P40 the good choice for starting the business in the field.

Main Dimensions of General Purpose CNC EDM Machine P40

X×Y×Z travel: 400×300×320mm;

Working table dimension: 700×400mm;

Working tank on the table: 1200×680×440mm

ZNC Die Sinking EDM Machine

ZNC Die Sinking EDM Machine

ZNC electrical discharge machining machine is the traditional type with X and Y-axis manual control, usually, the operator needs to manually move the working table to the location of where to do spark eroding on the workpiece. Z-axis is automatically controlled by servo motor, operation of ZNC EDM spark erosion machine is simple compared to CNC die-sinking EDM. Due to the limitation of no control of the X and Y axis, the ZNC EDM spark erosion machine can't do simultaneous orbital machining, even use an orbital cutting head, the result of accuracy and surface is not as good as what can achieve on CNC EDM machines. But thinking about the cost of ZNC EDM, it's ideal for the start or jobs without a strict requirement of accuracy and surface finish. Contact us to get our ZNC EDM spark erosion machine price now!

CNC EDM Machine Applied in Industries
Die Sinker EDM Machine FAQs

The Mostly Asked Questions about Die Sinker EDM Machines

What's EDM die sinking machining (EDM forming machining)?

The EDM die sinker machine is able to cope machining by prepared electrodes, the cavity that created is the same as the profile of the electrode. EDM machine can process punches, drawing dies, and extension dies of various types of holes; process various forging dies, extrusion dies, plastic injection molds and extrusion dies; and also process various small holes, deep holes, heterosexual holes, and curved holes,  and special materials with complex-shaped parts, etc.

Uses of EDM machining technology

(1) Processing various technologies and their alloy materials, conductive super-hard materials (such as polycrystalline diamond, cubic boron nitride, cermets, etc.), special heat-sensitive materials, semiconductor, and non-semiconductor materials.

(2) Processing various kinds of complex-shaped hole and cavity workpieces by EDM hole drilling machine for sale, including processing round hole, square hole, polygon hole, special-shaped hole, curved hole, threaded hole, micro hole, deep hole and other type hole workpieces, as well as various types Face cavity workpiece. For example, processing exceptionally large molds and parts ranging from a few micrometers of holes and grooves to several meters.

(3) Cutting of various workpieces and materials, including cutting of materials, cutting of parts with special structure, cutting of fine narrow slits and parts composed of fine narrow slits (such as metal grid, slow wave structure, heterogeneous orifice spinneret, laser Pieces, etc.) with EDM wire cutting machine for sale.

(4) Processing all kinds of forming parts such as forming knives, samples, tools, measuring tools, threads and so on.

(5) Grinding of workpieces, including small holes, deep holes, inner circles, outer circles, flat surfaces, etc. and profile grinding.

(6) Engrave and print nameplates and marks.

(7) Surface strengthening and modification, such as high-speed quenching of metal surfaces, nitriding, carburizing, coating of special materials and alloying, etc.

(8) Auxiliary uses, such as removing taps and drill bits from parts in this segment, repairing worn parts, etc.

What is the EDM machine meaning in the metal working industry

Electrical spark erosion, also known as electrical discharge machining and electrical corrosion machining, called electrical discharge machining in Japan and electrical corrosion machining in the former Soviet Union. It is a method of processing the metal workpiece by utilizing the phenomenon of electric corrosion generated during the pulse discharge between the two poles (electrode and workpiece, should be conductive). Academically it belongs to the category of electrophysical processing. EDM technology is one of the most important parts of special machining technology.

What is the advantage of electrical discharging machining against traditional metal working method?

Answer: With the development of industrial production and the advancement of science and technology, more and more new materials with a high melting point, high hardness, high strength, high brittleness, high viscosity, high toughness, high purity and other properties continue to appear, and also some with various complex structures that can’t be machined by traditional metal working method, sometimes difficult or impossible to process with traditional metal working technology. 

Therefore, in addition to further development and improvement of traditional mechanical metal working methods, wire EDM machine suppliers also strive to find new processing methods. The electrical discharging machining (EDM) method can meet the needs of development, and shows many excellent performances in the application, so it has been rapidly developed and increasingly widely used. 

Characteristics of EDM die sinking machining

(1). During machining, the tool electrode and the workpiece material are not actually touching and there is basically no macro-mechanical force between the two. Therefore, the "soft" tool electrode can be used to process the "hard" workpiece. For example, graphite and copper electrodes can process hardened steel, cemented carbide, and even diamond.

(2). Because the spark energy density of the high-frequency power discharging can be accurately controlled, and there is no macro mechanical force between the two poles (electrode and workpiece), so the precise and fine machining can be achieved. Such as the processing of narrow slits, narrow grooves, micro-small holes of molds and parts, the processing accuracy can reach micron level, even sub-micron level.

(3) "Copying". With direct use of electrical power for processing, it is easy to realize the automation, intelligence, and application of modern computer control technology to precisely control the machining process, which makes the machining of workpieces more realistic.

(4) Direct use of electrical energy for processing, which is convenient for automation of the machining process, and can reduce mechanical processing procedures, shorten processing steps, low labor intensity, and easy to use and maintain

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