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EDM Die Sinker Machine Utilizes Industrial-grade Memory to Meet Higher Demands

The main purpose and application range of the EDM die sinker machine is to process complex cavities and curved surfaces of various conductive materials, such as molds and precision parts manufacturing. It has characteristics of high processing accuracy, high finish, and fast speed. The appearance of the EDM die sinker machine is beautiful and generous, the structural design is reasonable and compact, and the mechanical structure is strong and solid, which makes it highly practical.

Servo feed of the EDM die sinker machine

EDM processing is different from cutting processing and belongs to "non-contact processing". In the normal EDM of the EDM die sinker machine, there is a discharge gap S between the tool and the workpiece. If the gap is too large, the pulse voltage cannot penetrate the insulated working fluid between the gap, and no spark discharge will occur. The electrode tool must be fed down until the gap S equals or is less than a certain value to penetrate and produce spark discharge.

In the normal EDM of the znc sinker edm machine, the workpiece is continuously eroded at a speed of W, and the gap will gradually expand. The electrode tool must be compensated for feed at a speed of d to maintain the required discharge gap. If the feed amount d is greater than the erosion speed W of the workpiece, the gap S will gradually become smaller, even equal to zero, and a short circuit will be formed. When the gap is too small, the feed rate must be reduced. Once the tool and the workpiece are short-circuited (S = 0), the tool must be quickly retracted at a large speed in the opposite direction, and the EDM die sinker machine eliminates the short-circuit state, and then re-feeds downward to ensure that the correct discharge gap is maintained, enabling normal EDM machining.

Characteristics of the EDM die sinker machine

  • Provide archive dimensions, and the three-axis coordinates can be switched between metric and imperial units.

  • The EDM die sinker machine has 10 automatic fine-tuning functions, which can:

    (1) Self-edit: Edit the processing conditions according to personal experience;

    (2) Automatic editing: When the EDM die sinker machine selects the maximum depth initial current and the choice of rough and fine processing, it will automatically edit the processing conditions;

    (3) Intelligent condition editing: As long as the electrode shape, electrode and workpiece materials, electrode cross-sectional area, and the choice of rough and fine processing and depth setting are selected, the processing conditions will be automatically edited. The above three editing methods can complete the processing in one step of coarse, medium, and fine.

  • The discharge conditions are automatically adjusted. When the discharge is unstable, the computer will modify the discharge efficiency and working time, and the discharge conditions will automatically recover when stable. The processing conditions can be modified at any time during processing.

  • The EDM die sinker machine has an automatic anti-carbon accumulation detection function. When encountering unstable machining due to carbon accumulation, the computer of the EDM die sinker machine automatically adjusts the various machining parameters and increases the slag discharge height, and automatically recovers when stable.

  • The slow-fast two-stage jumping of the EDM die sinker machine effectively improves the stability of large-area machining and the uniformity of spark patterns, and increases the speed of large-area electrode machining. The EDM die sinker machine has a programmable high-low two-stage jump (high jump) to ensure smooth exhaust of carbon deposits during deep hole or thin plate machining, prevent carbon accumulation, and improve the efficiency of deep hole and thin plate machining.

  • The brand-new design of the EDM die sinker machine conforms to European safety specifications, making it dust-proof, water-proof, anti-interference, and increasing the life of electronic boards. The EDM die sinker machine uses an industrial-grade controller and a new type of memory instead of a traditional hard disk, with faster reading speed and extremely high stability, making it more suitable for industrial use.

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