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Do You Know the Seven Steps for Operating the EDM Die Sinker Machine?

When Soviet researchers, L. B. Lazarenko and N. I. Lazarenko, were studying the phenomenon and reasons behind the damage caused by spark discharge corrosion to switch contacts, they discovered that the instantaneous high temperature of the EDM spark can cause localized metal melting, oxidation, and corrosion, leading to the creation and invention of the electric discharge machining method.

What is the principle of EDM spark machining?

The basic physical principle behind it is the accumulation of free positive ions and electrons in the field, which quickly form an ionized conductive channel. At this stage, a current is formed between two plates, causing numerous collisions between particles, forming a plasma zone that quickly rises to a high temperature of 8000 to 12000 degrees. Some material is instantaneously melted on the surface of the two conductors and, at the same time, due to the vaporization of the electrode and theelectrolyte, an air bubble is formed, and its pressure consistently rises to a very high level. Then, the current is interrupted, the temperature suddenly drops, and the bubble explodes, producing kinetic energy that throws the dissolved material out of the pit. Then, the corroded material is re-condensed into small spheres in theelectrolyte, and is removed by the electrolyte. Then, monitoring and control by NC control and servo mechanism execution can ensure that the discharge phenomenon is uniform and consistent, thereby achieving the required size, accuracy, and shape of the machined workpiece.

The operation steps of the EDM die sinker machine are as follows

(1) First, study and carefully learn the various instructions related to the relevant mechanisms, operation, adjustment, and maintenance in the instruction manual, and then perform no-load manual and automatic tests.

(2) Before the shift starts, lubricate all friction surfaces according to the lubrication instructions.

(3) The working table and saddle should be tightened when the EDM die sinker machine is in operation.

(4) The weight of the parts processed on the electric discharge forming machine cannot exceed the load capacity of the machine tool, and the maximum load is 600kg.

(5) When working, check the oil tank, which should not leak oil. When work is finished, drain the working fluid, wipe the oil tank and the worktable clean.

(6) After adjusting the EDM die sinker machine, the working fluid oil pump is activated. When roughing, the liquid level should be above the workpiece surface and not less than 50mm.

(7) Replace paper filter elements once every three months, clean the sludge from the bottom of the oil storage tank once every six months to a year, and clean the oil pump and oil return port filter screen once a month.

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