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How to Deal with the Abnormal Noise of the Wire EDM Machine

After the wire EDM machine has been used for a period of time, there will sometimes be abnormal noise. There are many reasons for the abnormal noise. It is necessary to prescribe the right medicine and find out the real reason to eliminate it. As a professional wire EDM machine suppliers, we would give you the following points.

(1) The of abnormal sound in the wire barrel of the online cutting machine is mostly caused by small metal particles or molybdenum wire heads into the wire barrel. As long as the dynamic balance adjustment screw in the wire barrel does not fall off, it can run as usual. Particles or molybdenum wire ends will wear out.

(2) At the moment of reversing, the coupling or the key should be carefully investigated at this time, and the key that has been loosened with a margin should be replaced to restore a large-area match; the coupling should restore the function of the cushion, so that flexible cushioning is really effective. These parts of the small wire EDM machine cannot be used for a long time, otherwise it will cause irreparable consequences.

(3) For the abnormal noise of the toothed belt or gear of the wire EDM machine, check whether the toothed belt or gear has been excessively worn, and replace it in time. If the occlusal gap is improper, the occlusal gap must be adjusted in time.

(4) The excessive load from the thread drum to the lead screw will cause friction or impact, which will quickly damage the relevant parts. The abnormal phenomenon of the wire EDM machine should be stopped and carefully searched until it is eliminated.

(5) The fan blade of the wire-moving motor or the wire-moving motor itself is not balanced.

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