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The Method of Keeping High Precision of CNC EDM Spark Erosion Machine

First of all, we need to understand why CNC EDM spark erosion machines are popular in the market because of their high precision and meet the processing requirements of various precision molds. However, various environments will affect the accuracy of the equipment, so we usually pay attention to the maintenance of the CNC spark machine. The accuracy of the CNC EDM spark erosion machine, the installation accuracy of the electrode and the workpiece, and the accuracy of the positioning system are very important. It goes without saying that the temperature change and the heat generated during processing are also very important in spark erosion method.

As the temperature changes, the metal stretches, because most of the spark machine and the host are made of metal components, which can be stretched as the temperature changes, to reflect the impact on the spark machine. In order to reduce the impact, here are a few methods for everyone.

1. Do not expose the CNC sparking machine to the air outlet of the air conditioner for a long time and expose it to the sun;

2. The electrode will change with the change of temperature. After rough machining, the electrode will be in a stretched state, so in order to reduce the influence of this situation, it is necessary to increase the cooling of the electrode;

3. Cooling devices should be installed on the CNC EDM spark erosion machine to avoid equipment failure due to excessive temperature;

4. After the CNC EDM spark erosion machine finishes its work, allow proper time for the electrode to cool down, which will make the equipment more effective.

Maintaining the accuracy of CNC EDM spark erosion machine is an indispensable job for every manufacturer. The normal operation of the equipment can not only improve efficiency but also reduce costs.

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