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Reasons That Affect the Working Efficiency of EDM Die Sinking Machine

Main use and scope of application of EDM die sinking machine tools: this equipment is mainly used for complex cavity and curved surface processing of various conductors such as various molds and precision parts manufacturing. It has the characteristics of high machining accuracy, surface finish, and fast speed. The machine tool has a beautiful and generous appearance design, reasonable and compact structure design, and firm and strong mechanical structure. The reasons that affect the working efficiency of the EDM die sinking machine are as follows.

1. The processing performance of EDM die sinking machine tools

(1) The high-quality performance of the EDM die sinking machine tool is mainly a prerequisite for realizing high-efficiency electric discharge machining. Pulse power supply plays a very important role in improving the speed of processing. The quality of the power supply performance of the EDM machine pulse determines the pros and cons of the microscopic process of EDM. It also determines whether the small discharge gap in the finishing process can achieve stable and efficient machining.

(2) The self-adaptive power supply can adapt and adjust itself during processing, which plays a very important role in achieving high-efficiency processing efficiency of the EDM machine.

(3) Intelligent technologies such as expert systems make the operation of EDM machine tools easier. They shorten the programming and operation time. In addition, the operation process of the fully automatic machine tool equipped with ATC device does not require manual intervention and can automatically run and process continuously, which greatly improves the processing efficiency.

(4) The tool lifting technology of the EDM die sinking machine tool also has a certain influence on the processing speed. For example, the spindle adopts high acceleration feed processing, which has a significant effect on improving the processing efficiency of deep, narrow, and small seams.

2. The influence of the working fluid of the EDM die sinking machine

(1) The CNC die making machine uses different working fluids and the processing speeds are also different. The EDM machine uses synthetic EDM working fluid.

(2) The characteristics of different EDM processing working fluids are different. The selection should be considered comprehensively.

(3) The mirror processing time is relatively long. The mixed powder working fluid used can greatly improve the processing efficiency.

3. The influence of the workpiece material of the EDM die sinking machine

(1) Under the same processing conditions, the processing speeds are different with different workpiece materials. This mainly depends on the material physical properties of the workpiece.

(2) For example, the efficiency of CNC EDM machine for processing aluminum is very high, but when it is processing cemented carbide, the efficiency is relatively low.

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