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Precautions for Using CNC Machine

1. Improve the comprehensive quality of operators

The use of a CNC machine is more difficult than the use of an ordinary machine, this is because the CNC machine is a typical mechatronics product. It involves a wide range of knowledge, which means the operator should have a broad professional knowledge of mechanics, electricity, hydraulics, and gas. Therefore, the quality requirements for operators are very high. Currently, it cannot be ignored that there are more users of the CNC machine, but the utilization rate is not high.

2. Follow correct operating procedures

Each machine has its own set of operating procedures. It is not only one of the important measures to ensure the safety of operators, but also ensure the safety of equipment and product quality. Users have to operate correctly according to the operating procedures. If the CNC machine is used for the first time or has not been used for a long time, it needs to be idling for a few minutes. During use, it is necessary to pay attention to the sequence and precautions of turning on and off. Beginners should pay enough attention to these because they lack relevant operating training and are often easy to make mistakes.

3. Create a good use environment

In general, the use environment of the CNC machine does not have harsh requirements and can be placed in the same production workshop as ordinary machines. However, due to a large number of electronic components in the CNC machine, it is most afraid of direct sunlight, moisture, dust and vibration. These can cause the electronic components to be corroded and deteriorated or cause short circuits between components, resulting in abnormal operation of the machine. These are paid attention to during installation. Users should mainly pay attention to the protection of the surrounding environment. For example, do not take umbrellas to the production site or change shoes on rainy days.

4. Improve the operating rate of the machine as much as possible

If the operating rate is not high, the funds invested by users cannot play the role of reproduction. There is a problem: due to the large failure of the CNC machine in the early stage of use, additional repair costs are required. This is because the newly purchased machine has a warranty period. Based on previous experience, the CNC machine has a relatively high failure rate in the early stage of use. Users should make full use of the high precision CNC machine during this period to expose defects as soon as possible and solve them within the warranty period. If there is a lack of production tasks, the machine should also be used to care for it. On the contrary, if it is not used for a long time, the deterioration or damage of electronic components may be accelerated due to moisture and other reasons. Users should power up regularly and run dry for about 1 hour each time. The heat generated can be used during the operation of the CNC machine to remove or reduce the humidity.

5. Handle machine failures calmly

It is inevitable to have some failures in the use of the CNC machine. At this time, operators should deal with them calmly to avoid more serious consequences. It is necessary to keep the site, and explain the situation before and after the failure truthfully to maintenance personnel. And the operators also should analyze the failures together to solve them as soon as possible. If the failure is caused by the operation, then operators should learn from experience in time to avoid the mistake later.

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