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What Are the Characteristics of a Small Hole EDM Machine?

Small hole EDM machine is actually a special processing machine tool, belonging to electrical discharge machining machine tools. When it comes to machine tools, everyone should know what it is. For example, when we need to produce our mobile phones, we need to use machine tools, and the same goes for car manufacturing. The only difference lies in the different divisions of labor for machine tools. Especially for some tiny parts, we need machine tools to make them. Someone once said that the quality of a product depends critically on the precision of the machine tool. Let's take a closer look below.

Working principle of small hole EDM machine

The small Hole EDM machine tool uses a hollow brass tube or copper tube (called an electrode tube) as the electrode to perform pulse sparking, discharge, and perforation processing on the workpiece. Unlike EDM wire cutting machines and forming machines, the electrode of this machine tool is a hollow copper tube. The cooling liquid passes through the middle copper hole and generates a discharge with the workpiece, corrodes the metal, and achieves the purpose of perforation. It is used to process fine holes in super hard steel, hard alloys, copper, aluminum, and any conductive material.

This processing technology has received widespread attention as micro-machinery, precision machinery, optical instruments, and other fields continue to expand. EDM micro-hole machining with the advantages of small processing force, controlled hole diameter and depth through adjusting electrical parameters, making research in various countries increasingly active. small hole EDM machine uses the principle of EDM discharge to machine precision micro-holes. It is suitable for processing all kinds of nozzle precision micro-holes, spinning board precision micro-holes for chemical fibers, and various shapes of micro-holes in nozzle plates through simple numerical control electrode combination.

Characteristics of small hole EDM machine

  • Can process hole diameters Φ0.3~Φ3.0 mm, and can also be customized for larger diameters. The depth-to-diameter ratio can reach over 300:1.

  • The processing speed of the small hole EDM machine can reach 20-40 mm per minute. The servo travel is 280, and can use an ultra-long electrode tube of 500 mm, saving 15% of the electrode tube.

  • Can process various conductive materials such as stainless steel, quenched steel, hard alloys, copper, and aluminum.

  • Can enter directly from inclined surfaces and curved surfaces.

  • Servo lifting: using linear ball guide rails, electric lifting ensures the processing accuracy and speed of the product.

  • The main shaft adopts dual-speed control mode, which makes the return speed twice as fast as the processing speed, closely tracking during processing, and realizing efficient and stable processing of fine electrodes.

  • The bed of the small hole EDM machine is equipped with a water pump pressure observation window, which makes it more convenient and simple to observe and adjust the water pump pressure.

  • The X, Y, and Z axes of the worktable are equipped with grating digital display for precise operation.

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