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Small Hole EDM Drilling Machine For Sale

Our EDM hole drilling machines for sale are designed for the highest levels of accuracy, incredible reliability and high quality. Increasing productivity and saving time, small hole EDM machine provided by us is your best choice for drilling small hole. Come and contact us without hesitation.

What is Small Hole EDM Drilling Machine?

A small hole EDM drilling machine refers to a machine processing the size of the hole less than 5 mm with the principle of electrical discharge machining. Used for processing small and medium-sized die, small hole drilling machine processing characteristics are not limited by the hardness of metal materials. The template of the small hole drilling machine can be quenched first with the small hole CNC EDM drill machine to process the required pass and ensure the quality and improve the service life. 

Types of Small Hole EDM Drilling Machine For Sale

CNC EDM Hole Drilling Machine for Sale

CNC EDM Hole Drilling Machine for Sale

CNC EDM drill machines, also known as small hole EDM machines, are an important part of advanced manufacturing technology. CNC small hole EDM drilling machine can be used in the tool and mold manufacturing industry, aviation and aerospace industry, machine tool manufacturing, glass industry, automobile manufacturing, and pharmaceutical industry. The main applications of our EDM hole drilling machine for sale can be primary drilling, nozzle holes, exhaust holes (such as casting molds in the automotive industry), cooling holes for plastic tools, and vacuum holes for turbine shovel. Feel free to contact us to get our small hole EDM drilling machine price!

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